Saturday, 8 November 2008

To do list

One of my blog-buddies was talking about writing lists this week and I can't for the life of me remember who it was (although I think it was RC). I love lists. They are such a good idea.

Shame that I'm so crap at writing them then really.

But today, I have so much to do that a list is required. And in honour of the fact that I actually wrote a list, I'm sharing it with you.

Now aren't you glad you stopped by!?

So here goes

1. Get sorry ass out of bed - DONE
2. Get sorry ass away from the computer, out of jimjams and into clothes and get The Lurchers and The Greyhound out for a walk - DONE
3. Go to DIY store and buy chainsaw (that is on most people's list of Saturday chores isn't it?) - FAILED!! No-one has them on stock so will be trying again tomorrow.
4. Go to supermarket and nonchalantly swing chainsaw about - that should clear my way to the checkout (OK, OK, I'm joking!)
5. *ahem* Go to supermarket and get provisions - DONE
6. Go to Pets@Home for dog food, chicken food and hamster food. - DONE
7. Get provisions home and go to the office to pick up a Gator. I love these - if you've never driven one then add it to your to-do list. They are ace! - DONE

8. Load Gator up with logs and drive them home. - DONE
9. Move everything from under the lean-to into the recentely-vacated shed. - DONE
10. Move logs from Gator to lean-to. - DONE
11. Collect sapling trunks from where they've been dumped and return to the Cottage with them - DONE (and I accepted help with this one!)
12. Get out chainsaw and prepare to cut trunks into fire-size pieces. - FAILED (not being able to get the chainsaw stopped that one it its tracks)
13. Stop and read instructions for chainsaw.
14. Get back into Gator and go and collect wood chippings from where they've been dumped. Load into bags and return to the Cottage and spread chippings in chicken run.
15. Clean out chicken coop. - DONE
16. Sweep out the yard around the coop and the shed and tidy it up.
17. Rush back to DIY store to buy window locks. (If I remember to read this list on Saturday morning I might be able to skip this one because I will have remembered to get them when I buy the chainsaw - bugger, and I still forgot).
18. Walk The Lurchers and The Greyhound before it gets dark. DONE
19. Collapse in a heap. (Oh yeah, this one is really DONE!)

If I achieve all of this it will be a flippin' miracle.


  1. I'm impressed you've done all that so far... I haven't even got out of bed :)

  2. Go, Angela, go!!! What a list!


  3. That sounds more like a week's worth of work. Good luck!

  4. You will earn that collapse at the end of the day if you get all this done! But it actually sounds like fun, and you are organized ...

  5. I'm exhausted just reading how much you have packed into your day.
    I fancy driving a Gator it looks great fun.

  6. You are one ambitious gal! Way to go! I love how the instruction reading is after the purchase and use of the chainsaw lol

  7. I want a Gator. But in bright red.

  8. I want a go in a Gator! Sorry you couldn't find a chain saw, you had a very busy day indeedy!


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