Monday, 3 November 2008

Fun Monday - Why I Blog

Our hostess this week is Bee Dancer and this is our assignment

I'm relatively new to blogging, & I'm sure this has come up before, but I'd really like to know WHY you blog. Tell me how you got started or why you got started and why you keep it up. Plus there's a photo requirement: Post a picture of the one person/place/thing that most symbolizes the town or area where you live.

Why do I blog. That's a very good question. I started back in August 2004, yes, four years ago. Blimey, where does the time go? My blogging was a little intermittent to start with and I occasionally went months without posting. I think it started as a way of me being able to record the daily ins and outs of my life and to make sure I remembered the important things that happened - I have a terrible memory when it comes to dates.

I continue to blog because, somehow - probably through Fun Monday - I seem to have become a part of an incredible blog circle. The people who read my blog, at least those who comment anyway, are some of the most generous, warm-hearted and selfless people I have ever had the pleasure to interact with. They continue to read and comment here, and offer me incredible support, despite me being one of the rudest bloggers around because I just don't seem to have the time to get around to their blogs to comment - although I do read as many as I can.

Having people like that in your life, even if only in cyberspace, is precious.

Then there is the fact that late last year I was stupid enough to sign up to Blog365. WHich means exactly what it says - I will blog every day throughout 2008. It's been fun and made me focus on getting at least something onto my blog everyday, even if it's waffle, but let me tell you, it's stressful, and I won't be doing it next year!!

OK, so what symbolises where I live? There are two things. The first is this:

The Windmill on Wimbledon Common. It's historically important to the area and also a major feature and it's part of my job to help look after it, although I only play a minor role.

Secondly, and probably the thing that will be instantaneaously recognisable to you all, is of course the All England Lawn Tennis Club

and it's famous courts

The tennis courts are literally a mile or so away as the crow flies and, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, I can hear the cheering crowds from my garden.

Now head over to Bee Dancer and see who else is participating this week.


  1. The circle of cyberspace is pretty amazing, isn't it? I'm glad I found you out there!

    I used to live near our college's football stadium. Two blocks near. On game day, we could turn on the TV and leave the sound off and still have "surround-sound"!

  2. Wimbledon!!!!! Yay!!!!

    And I'm glad you started blogging ---it's a great way to meet and greet others of the same interests and there is a common bond, no matter what they add to their blog.

    My Fun Monday is shared tho I seem to have been overlooked on the list of participants. So, come on by if you can find time today, I'd love to have you visit with me.

  3. The blogging community is quite interesting. I have been too busy to participate in FM of late, but I still enjoy reading a lot of the blogs that I have met through FM.

  4. I'm glad I met you - and I think it may have been through 365, back when I was Straight Up and Slightly Dirty. :) I really enjoy reading about you and your lurchers. Thanks for sharing the picture of Wimbledon. You'd mentioned that a while back but it was a good reminder of where in the world you are!

  5. I am glad I know you through Fun Monday too! And wow! You have quite an area in which to live!

  6. I can't believe you live that close to Wimbledon. I live about 1-1/2 miles from our town's football stadium and I can hear the bands playing and the crowds cheering on Friday nights. Not quite the same though!

  7. Being a tennis fan I would be in heaven living that close to the AETC and of course being able to walk on Wimbledon Common.

    I agree with you FM has been a great way to meet some wonderful people.

  8. Hi Angela, I agree with you, it seems those of us who "stick" with blogging do it because of the wonderful friends we've made. Great shots you've included, too.

  9. I think the way you blog each day when you have commited to it speaks volumes for the type of person you are. If you say you will do something you do it!!

    You have something else in Wimbledon I would give my back teeth to be near - Matches! We would be bankrupt in a very short time.

  10. Lesley, you are welcome to come and stay if you ever fancy a spending spree!!

  11. I'm learning the most interesting things through this topic, including that the participants are so widely scattered...It's neat to feel part of a global community...

    One questions: Are the strawberries and cream as good as they sound?

  12. Wow … I’m impressed to learn you’ve been at this so long! I’m such a ‘newbie’ in so many respects. Like you, I signed up for Blog 365 (how crazy was that?), and I’ve met some lovely bloggers in this virtual world. It’s amazing to me (and all to easy to forget at times) just how many folks live far away from me (as you do). I love that you live so close to Wimbledon … an event I watch on television each year ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. Angela,
    Thank you for that wonderful invitation! Oh how I would love it. Peter would have a face like he was chewing a wasp if I took off without him, and if I should spend money he would have a cardiac arrest! His mantra now is RECESSION, RECESSION........Oh am I in for a m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e time.

  14. I've always admired your taking on the 365 challenge and stress would be the operative word if I had to post every day. Yours was one of the first blogs that I started to read regularly and comment on. I had to know what a lurcher is and you set me straight. More importantly I appreciate the rescue/foster work you do with the GG. You're building up some good dog karma!

  15. Blogging takes up alot of time, especially for those of us who work, have kids and are constantly on the go! So, it is hard to fit it in. I try to allow a certain amount of time per day to blog and read other blogs. When my time it up, I move on...

  16. I have terrible childhood memories of my uncle crashing our house and taking over the TV while the Wimbledon tennis was on! How rude! Scarred me for life I tell you! I do however not really mind the tennis but am not a great fan, I'd rather watch the soccer or football as you call it over there.

    I do love visiting your blog and reading about the lurchers! Wow 4 years is a long time.

  17. I post for the same reasons!!! great live in a gorgeous area!!


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