Thursday, 27 April 2006

Why is it....

...that it's only after printing off 300 programmes that someone points out a monumental mistake, despite a draft being shown to everyone 2 weeks ago and no comments made!? Hey ho, such is life! At least I'm in a frame of mind to laugh about it!

Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

It never rains....

My car has been making some odd noises fo rthe last week or so. Called my mechanic but he's on holiday until last Sunday so kept the use of the car to a minimum. Spoke to mechanic and he would pop up Monday evening for a listen and a looksee. Yesterday I had to use it very briefly and it started making an even funnier noise. Mechanic didn't stand over the car, shaking his head, pursing his lips and inhaling through his teeth because he's not that kind of person, but if he was that kind of person then he would have been standing over the car shaking his head etc etc.

He suspects either a gear box or transmission problem, and something wrong with the engine as well. I haven't had any problems with the gear box so my money is on the transmission...not sure if that's the more expensive option or not. At the moment he can't tell me when I might get it back.

Which is all something of a bugger as we've got Greyhound Gap's annual show in Walsall on Sunday and as well as me, OH and The Lurchers, I have a load of boxes and two bloody great big gazebos to take with me. OH's car also has a problem with its engine management system so we can't take that either. My boss has offered me her Freelander but that just isn't going to be big enough. So it looks like on top of the expense of getting the car fixed, I'm going to have to hire a car as well. And it's a Bank Holiday Weekend which means a three day hire and not just the two I need it for.

*moving swiftly to a few hours later* and we might be back on with the Freelander again. Boss asked the very obvious question, why don't we put a roof rack on it? Oh, that's a good idea, so now off to hunt for a roofrack. Anyone know where I might be able to hire one!?

Monday, 24 April 2006

Doesn't time fly....

I've been meaning to blog for days but what with one thing and another I don't seem to have got round to it. Soe here's a synopsis of the last 10 days:

Good Friday - Persisted down all day with that drizzly but very wet rain. Yes, I know most rain is wet but drizzle normally sits on the surface rather than soaks you but this drizzle was ermmmm wet. Moving swiftly on. Anyway, I had managed, for the first time in about 8 months to grab one of the horses from work so I could take myself off for a ride. Got soaked just getting tacked up but one of the Keepers lent me his proper big army riding coat which sits across the back of the horse as well so we were all snug as a bug. Been out for about 10 minutes when across my walkie talkie radio came the call that the farrier had arrived and all horses were to return to the yard. Bugger! Still, better than nothing. Pootled for the rest of the afternoon and then headed on down to Sussex to stay with friends for the weekend.

Saturday in Sussex - walked the Lurchers and their friend Ms Teyha. Eat breakfast then spent the rest of the day playing Mah Jong and poker.

Sunday in Sussex - ditto the walking then card games - crib and Nom - lovely roast Sunday dinner and then drive home.

Monday to Wednesday - I'm on holiday for a few days with the intention of letting my brain and body catch up with each other. Mission almost accomplished.

And that's about it really, this weekend was pretty quiet although we trying to get everything organised for the Greyhound Gap Annual Dun Dog Show on 30th April. One of my tasks was to make up some ribbons to sell for the Justice for Rusty campaign, something we always mark at the show. I never thought getting a bit of ribbon to fold over and stick to itself would cause so much grief, although given I am not really an arty type, I shouldn't have been surprised. Now got to go and sort out some alternative rosettes as the silly company we've been dealing with didn't complete the order and have been so tardy in sending out the replacements that they haven't allowed enough time to deal with the inevitable "lost in the post" somewhere scenario, which of course is exactly what has happened.

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Well that was a jolly weekend

I'm a bit late blogging about it as I was too pooped on Sunday evening when we got back and I had a Board meeting yesterday evening.

We departed for Dorset on Saturday lunchtime and arrived there about 3pm. Stopped off at the B&B we were staying at and then headed off to Swanage to give The Lurchers a run on the beach. Got back to the B&B, got changed and headed for the pub for 6pm to join in the celebrations for OH's younger sister's 40th birthday at this very fine establishment (very fine because they didn't utter a word at The Lurchers who were spreading themselves across the floor for a kip!).

On Sunday morning we all met up for a walk round Houns Tout and then down to Chapman's Pool. It's a bit of steep descent and my legs knew about it once we got to the bottom. Once on the beach we all dearched for fossils, drank mulled wine warmed on a campus stove and ate mini creme eggs. Just the fortification we needed to for the trek (albeit more gentle than the descent) back to Kingston.

I could have stayed longer, I love Dorset.

Wednesday, 5 April 2006


We seem to be experiencing a period of things being embrokified.

The DVD recorder thingie doesn't think that it needs to read DVDs anymore, which is a bit of a bugger because it won't record either and that's bordering on being devastating when there are two episodes of Star Trek Voyager on every day (and I don't care how sad you think it is that I love Star Trek!)

My alarm clock doesn't think it needs to alarm any more, resulting in me oversleeping two days in a row. Well, it seemed only natural that the batteries were going so I changed them. Only it doesn't appear to be the batteries, hence me oversleeping for the second day.

My mobile phone, whilst not completely embrokified just yet, is well on it's way. The charger won't plug in properly and required vast amounts of wiggling to get it happy enough to work. And the display screen keeps breaking up.

And finally, I seem to be a little embrokified too. The big boss finally flipped me over the edge yesterday and I told him so. Fortunately for me he admitted I was right. Things at home aren't as hunky as they should be and the combination of the two has left me in tears at the slightest thing today.

The first three should be relatively easy to fix. It remains to be seen if I can get myself back on track.

Monday, 3 April 2006

Driving. Slowly.

I had to do two homevisits for Greyhound Gap this weekend. The first was in Croydon, just the right side of Croydon for me, and less than 10 miles away. Took me an hour each way. The second was in Fulham on Sunday. Now that's less than 3 miles away and it took me half hour to get there.

That's fairly normal for driving around South West London. It doesn't matter what time of day you travel, it takes you an age to go even the smallest distance. But you would have thought it would have been quieter on a Sunday. It was only when I was almost at my destination when it suddenly occurred to me what day it was. Choosing to drive through Putney on Boat Race day was perhaps not the best of ideas.