Friday, 30 June 2006


Headline on a local community website I frequent:

"OFWAT needs sharper teeth to deal with leaks"

Not quite sure that's what I'd use.......


Monday, 26 June 2006

Bring me sunshine!

I bet the All England Lawn Tennis Association can't believe that, after all the sunshine and warm weather we've had, the first day of Wimbledon and it's persisting down!

We're only about a mile from the courts and I passed them on my way back from the bank this morning. Thousands of people milling about in their shorts or summer frocks (depending on whether they're in the cheap seats or hospitality!)....I hope they brought their brollies with them!

At least we had superb weather for our camping weekend. It was very relaxing and wonderful not to have to worry about a thing for a few days. There was a little drama on Friday afternoon with the new air bed, as mentioned in my previous post. I didn't actually hyperventilate blowing it up, as JG suggested I might, but I did hypervetilate not blowing it up. Because it's so big it comes with its own pump that plugs into the mains. Not a problem, I thought, as there's power where we were staying. What I failed to remember from last year is that although there are plug sockets there, the generator that powers them is embrokified, so they don't work. A minor sulking fit ensued until I remembered that a friend who lives not to far away had a battery operated pump. So a quick dash there and back and my kingsize airbed was inflated and I was a happy camper once more!

Thursday, 22 June 2006

Oh dear!

So much for going back to camping basics! I've just bought a new air bed. Nothing wrong with the one we have but it's small and not the most comfortable of things. So I bought a king size 2ft high inflatable one.

I've yet to tell OH just how big it is and I'm hoping it fits in the tent!

We're off!

We're off for a long weekend (Dogga, I'm getting as bad as you!) camping! I have my tent, airbed, billy cans and every other comfort that might be required whilst parked in a field. Every year we seem to have more and more stuff and for just two nights, we set off with the car packed to the gunnells and stuff on the roof rack as well.

I really must try to get back to camping basics one of these days.

Monday, 19 June 2006

Why is it....

Why is it that men will do things that no woman with even half a brain cell would contemplate?

OH has had toothache for the last couple of weeks and it reached a high point on Friday when he could hardly eat. He then proceeded to get very, very drunk, wrapped some fabric around the tooth and then knocked it out with a lump hammer. I'm so glad I slept through it all.

Thursday, 15 June 2006


It's been a busy week this week. As well as normal work there was a Board meeting on Monday night and work's Annual Open Meeting last night. All my normal work has had to pile up whilst we got everything ready for the meetings. Plus our Open Day is coming up so the Senior Keeper keeps on at me to get stuff sorted out for that as well.

I got in about 10pm last night and apart from checking e-mail and a brief visit to a few weebsites I pretty much went straight to bed. So I was not hugely impressed to get up this morning and walk into the kitchen to a sink load of greasy unwashed dishes, with greasy unwashed saucepans on the side. Nice. And had someone thought to get The Lurchers breakfast bones out to defrost? No. And why, when someone has ages to "ablute" whilst I'm getting all the trough boxes ready, does someone choose to go the minute I need to? And does someone think to stop and say, don't rush, I'll walk The Lurchers this morning. No, they don't do that either.

I know OH is working full time as well and has a busy job on at the moment but so the *^%$* do I and a litte help would be really nice.

Today did not get off to a flying start.

Friday, 9 June 2006

Tog time again

Writing a shopping list so that you remember everything you need when you are in the supermarket is all very well, assuming you remember to take the list with you of course. But when you forget to put the things that you really need on the shopping list in the first place.......

*Public Service announcement*
That blog replaces the really interesting blog that I would like to have blogged but can't because I'd probably get sacked.

Wednesday, 7 June 2006


Last night I had a nightmare. I suspect it was brought on by Lost being on the TV when I went to sleep but I, and a lot of other people, were in a ruined building in what seemed to be a jungle-like place. In the background was a terrifying drum beat making a boom boom, boom boom noise, and we were all cowering waiting for it to stop. When it did, we all got up to run to safety, but no sooner had we got up than it started again. So we all ran back to our cover and started cowering again....I guess with that very childlike concept that ifyou can't see whatever it is then it won't see you.

At that point I woke up, but in that split second of realising I was awake, I also realised that I could still hear that drum beat, boom boom, boom boom. I was absolutely terrified. It was only when I lifted the pillow off my head (don't ask, I just sometimes sleep that way), I realised that the beat was actually OH gently snoring and with the pillow over my head, it was reverberating through the bed. It still took a while for my heartrate to slow down and I've felt out of sorts all day.

I had another vivid dream last week. So vivid in fact that it is still with me. In the dream I was with my cousins and we were visiting a house that, I knew well in my dream, although awake it meant nothing to me. There were some friends of theirs there and one chap I seemingly knew well and it appeared that he loved me and cared for me a great deal. It was a very pleasant dream and when I awoke I was left with the feeling that, in my dream at least, I knew what it felt like to be loved unconditionally by another human being. It's a feeling I cling to still.

Saturday, 3 June 2006


We've had a very productive day today.

The beans and tomatoes got planted

I'm not big on flowers but I do love fuschias and geraniums so a few plants I bought at a village fete last weekend got potted up too. As did a sad looking Thyme and an even sadder looking Rosemary, both of which I've had for a few years but have never done very well. Added to the pot were a new Marjoram and Lovage.

With Lurcher No.1 acting as Foreman.

I've also cut a load of Lemon Balm and Feverew and have hung them up to dry. And washed the kitchen down with an infusion of Rosemary and Thyme - both natural antibacterial. Very necessary as we seem to have been invaded by fruit flies.

All in all a very satisfying day (apart from the fruit flies that is)!

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