Thursday, 19 August 2004

Computers. Who'd have one.

What a complete and total mess. Through my own complete stupidity, I have a acquired a virus on my computer. I received an e-mail from a friends rentitled "photos", thinking she was sending me some hilarious exploit photo I clicked on the attachment. Within a nanosecond I realised it was an .exe file and within 2 nanaoseconds had turned off my computer. Too late. The virus is in and I'm buggered. I can only be thankful that my tardiness last weekend stopped me from buying a new computer as I would be even more annoyed with myself if it had been my new computer that I had infected. *sigh* Not a happy bunny at the moment.

Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Poorly paws, Hamster food and Olympics.

Sunday.....yes, Sunday. Don't do much on Sundays if it can possibly be helped.

Walked The Lurchers. As that is a daily routine, it will feature regularly. Nothing exciting to report apart from Lurcher No.2's poorly paw is no longer poorly and he is now running fit and well again. No Wombles seen again today.

Hamster food. I would just like to bring this important point to your attention. Hamster food contains E numbers of the colourings variety. WHY? Where do the manufacturers think that hamsters would find E numbers in the wild? Why are they trying to induce heperactivity into my hamster? Do they not realise she is hyper enough as it is? Especially at 4am.

Olympics. So what happened to the shooting? I was under strict instructions by OH to stand-by with remote control for the video to record the shooting. Due to start at noon. Did they show it? No they didn't. And it was only going to be on for 15 minutes anyway. Shootism....that's what I call it. Do the BBC schedulers have to face an irate OH when they get home. Nope, but I do. Did spend an enjoyable hour or two watching the Dressage though. You really have to like horses to understand why that's enjoyable.

Back to my Sunday afternoon slumber.....zzzzzzzzz

Sunday, 15 August 2004

Saturday August 14th

Quiet day today. Up as usual to meet friend to walk The Lurchers with her Boxer. Unfortunately Lurcher No.2 has poorly paw so he had to stay with OH whilst Lurcher No1 and I went out. No Wombles to be seen on the walk this morning so all very uneventful.

Was going to go out an buy a new computer today. Very big excitement. However, the thought of having to clear my desk of old computer and the masses of papers that clutter every available surface, it all seemed just too much to bear today so have put off buying new computer for yet another week.

And there's another dilemma, which computer to buy? Just how much RAM does a girl need for heaven's sake? Do I brave the vast wilderness that is PC World or do I resort to the easy option and buy from Dell again? Hmmmmm....shall ponder that one in the days to come. All suggestions welcome however.

Lurchers No.1 and No.2 seem to have made themselves comfortable on the bed along with OH so not quite sure where I am to sleep tonight. *sigh*