Monday, 27 February 2006

A sad day

I went into work this morning to be told that Bisto, the German Shepherd belonging to our Senior Keeper, had been put to sleep on Saturday. More than a few tears were shed.

Bisto was six years old and just over a year ago it was discovered that he had cancer in his nose. The vet operated but tests later showed that he had not been able to remove all the cancer and Bisto's time would be limited, perhaps a year or so. It was a true diagnosis. A few months ago the cancer returned and Bisto has been going down hill since. He seemed happy enough and he was always pleased to see everyone and still loved to play with Lurcher No.2, but over the last few days, the nosebleeds had become almost constant and he was having difficuly breathing. It became obvious to Bill that his quality of life was compromised to such an extent that his suffering had to end.

We will miss you Bisto, as will everyone on Wimbledon Common, both staff and the regular walkers who all knew you as Bill's constant companion. Wherever he was, you were never far from his side. You sometimes came for walks with me and the Lurchers and we were proud to have you with us.

Run free my sweet boy.

Thursday, 23 February 2006

They don't miss a trick

The RMT don't miss a trick do they?
The most telling sentence in that article was in reference to the Sydney Olympics:
"What they had done was put an attendance bonus in place where it gave a benefit to people to come to work, to make sure the Games run smoothly and give the company flexibility on the running of the services"
So, let's see if I've got this right, the RMT employees are asking for a bonus to attend work during the 2012 Olympics. Isn't this what they are paid a salary for? To attend work?
And then this bit:
When asked what would happen if Transport for London (TfL) did not agree to it, Mr Crow said: "I imagine if our members don't get the same as other groups of workers have, we could have difficulties."
If that's not blackmail then I don't know what is. It's disgusting, appalling and any other "disgusted of Wimbledon" adjective you might like to insert.
What happened to having a pride in your country and thinking "Oooh the Olympics are coming, here's a chance to show how good we are".
Nope, all you get here is "Ooh the Olympics are coming, here's a chance to line our pockets boys!"
Makes me sick, it really does.

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

It seems..

...that quite some time has gone by since I last blogged. Nothing remotely interesting has happened in my life during that time so, fear not, you haven't missed much.

Alhtough that said, we did have a fantastic auction on Greyhound Gap where I spent silly amounts of money that I don't have and had to raid my piggy bank. So did everyone else I think because we raised a mammoth £1950 squiddles!

Monday, 13 February 2006

Another weekend goes by

...with not very much happening.

Saturday morning I rushed about, whilst OH walked the Lurchers, getting my glasses adjusted, again, and picking up a few bit of shopping. Went off to do a homevisit for potential adopters and came home to crash in front of the rugby. Except I seemed to end up crashing in front of the computer instead whilst listening to the TV which was in the next room.

Meanwhile we're all shivering because the heating has packed up. Again. And then, on Saturday night, disaster struck. Tucked up in bed with my hot water bottle behind my back, it all suddenly felt a lot hotter that it should have done. That was probably something to do with the fact that it had sprung a leak. My nightshirt and pillows were sodden and I narrowly missed a nasty scalding. No heating, no hot water bottle, I had no option but to call in the reserves and have The Lurchers snuggle up on either side of me. Warm as toast we all were then!

Sunday I ended up back in bed with the onset of a migraine caused, I have no doubt, by the glasses which were giving me some nasty eyestrain despite only being adjusted the day before. These glasses cost me over £300 squids so I'm not giving up on them yet...but their time is running out fast.

Oh and glory be, the Welsh rugby team pulled out all the stops and bashed the Scottish into the ground. Yay!!

Thursday, 9 February 2006


Reading back through my recent blogs I've noticed a definite negative swing. Only yesterday I accused OH of being negative and bringing me down but you have to wonder if it's not the other way around. THat's something for me to ponder on. Anyway, I have decided that today's blog at least shall be more positive.

So, the good thing for today is I have booked my tickets for Crufts. A crowd of us from Greyhound Gap are going for two days and I'm leaving OH at home with the Lurchers. Thursday is dedicated to shopping and Friday will be for ogling the Hounds!

I've not been to Crufts before so I am really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Deja Vu. Again

There are two recurring themes in my life at the moment.

The first is my glasses. Once again the frame seems to have adjusted itself and I can't see properly. Yet another trip to the optician this evening.

The second recurring theme is my central heating boiler. This one is becoming tedious now. We had three visits from our plumber before he finally threw in the towel. We've now had five, yes five, visits from the boiler manufacturers and despite changing just about every working part in it, it's still not working properly. There is just nothing consistent about it working, or not working, and now the manufacturers are starting to scratch their heads. One came out yesterday and said it must be "this" because it was the only thing that hadn't been changed. 2 hours after he left it stopped working again.

I'm just not quite sure where this saga is going to end.

Sunday, 5 February 2006

Am I feeling OK??

Today got off to a bit of an odd start. I got up at about 8am, not too unusual, but then I started cleaning the kitchen. I'm not entirely sure what came over me. My cupboards and cooker now sparkle!

That was followed later in the day by a call to say OH's brother and his wife were coming to drop of OH's new car. Now, these two live in a house to die for. It's only a three bed semi but, as they both have an artistic flair, they have made some wonderfully simple individual touches that make you green. Everything has a place and that place is just perfect. But they also manage to do it without the house being jsut a house, they still manage to retain a homely feel to it. And they were about to descend on our humble abode where, it has to be said, everything also has a place, it's just that neither OH nor I have worked out exactly where that place is so things just get "put" and stay looking "put". So another spurt of cleaning and tidying followed. Perhaps Spring is coming.

Saturday, 4 February 2006


Today I became a rugby widow again, and so it shall be for the next 6 weeks or however long the Six Nations is on for. Don't get me wrong, I always watch all the games along with OH but the difference is that he, being a man, has to have several beers whilst watching. At the end of an afternoon of matches he's three sheets to the wind and snoring by 7pm. Still, gives me a peaceful saturday evening!

And talking of which, I was absolutely appalled that when the band played the national anthems at Twickenham this afternoon, they didn't have the decency to play them properly. They play them way to fast and the crowd can't keep up. If they can't play them properly, don't play them at all and just let the crowd sing them unaccompanied. They'd do a far better job. And yes we lost and yes I've taken a lot of ribbing! Mind you, with a ref who might as well have been wearing an Engand jersey what do you expect?

In Lurcher news, Lurcher No.2 seems to be well on the mend. He's keeping his food down and enjoyed a short walk this morning.

Friday, 3 February 2006

Day 2

Lurcher No.2 is back at the vets this morning for more fluids. He's OK but the vet has diagnosed Haemorrhagic Gastroenteritis - which sounds bloody horrendous. His gut and intesting are inflamed and very sore and causing a little bleeding as well. Once whatever it is is out of his system and the inflammation has calmed down, all shoud be well again.

I'm worried senseless about him of course but confident my vet will do what is right for him. She does have his litter mate and brother Louis after all, so he is "family"!

Thursday, 2 February 2006


Lurcher No.2 is home and feeling more than a tad sorry for himself. The vet suspects that he has scavenged something as his liver levels were raised, indicating toxins of some sort had passed through his system.

We're to starvehim tonight, which is not a problem as he isn't in the slightest bit interested in water let alone food. He's to have a small meal in the morning and then another visit to the vet for a check-up.

I've been on the edge of my seat all day today and the adrenalin hasn't dropped yet so how much sleep I'm going to get tonight I don't know, especially as I shall probably sleep on the sofa with Tyler. Probably about as much sleep as Lisa will get!


These Lurchers, or Lurcher No.2 at least, is going to turn my hair grey before very long. Having only just recovered from a fractured and dislocated toe and numerous vet visits, I had to rush him in again this morning.

My poor boy has spent the night throwing up nasty mucusy bile and was obviously still not feeling very well this morning - standing rigid, shaking and panting. Took him straight to the vet and they've kept him in to give him fluids and treat him for gastroenteritis. They've had a few similar cases this week and the dogs they've had in have responded best to being treated in this way. Vet has assured me it's not serious and I'm not to worry (yeah right) and he should be right as rain with some fluids, electrolytes and potassium in him.

I need to phone at lunchtime and lunchtime is not coming quick enough.

In other news, Lurcher No.1 had a birthday yesterday. I can hardly believe she's 6!

Happy Birthday PG!

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We were woefully remiss in celebrating so shall make up for it on Saturday (it's what you do for your dogs when you don't have kids!)

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

I don't like people today

I spent some of today having to defend myself whilst other people tried to pass the buck onto me for their own inadequacies.

Fortunately one person of note defended me and showed said person that I had done my job properly, could not possibly be blamed and what was he thinking about trying to blame me in the first place.

Unfortunately, another person of note, who should have been the first person to back me up, sat there with their mouths firmly closed. As long as the buck didn't stop with them they weren't going to say a word.

I took myself and Lurcher No.2 off for a nice long walk to calm down.

In other news, my glasses have been adjusted and all is well.

In even more news, the central heating has packed up again and it's bloody freezing. Engineers are coming for their fifth visit in as many weeks on Monday.

By Sunday, this blog will be sent to you with icicles hanging off my nose.