Thursday, 30 March 2006


Two incidents involving The Lurchers.

Incident 1
Last night I clipped The Lurchers' nails. Something I do every few weeks without incident. Except last night I clipped one of Lurcher No.1's nails an incy bit too short. Damn but overclipped nails can spew blood like the best of cut arteries! Lots of blood everywhere. Fortunately we managed to stop it bleeding fairly quickly and she seems to be fine this morning.

Incident 2
Because of incident 1, after being out on the walk for 10 minutes this morning I stopped to check Lurcher No.1's nail to make sure the exercise hadn't set the bleeding off again (it hadn't). As I was bending down, Lurcher No.2 came bounding up to us and brought himself to a stop by crashing into my nose. Damn but can a nose spew blood like the best of cut arteries! Lots of blood everywhere! I saw stars, birds tweeting around my head and very nearly saw the ground a lot quicker than I would have liked. The shock and immediate pain reduced me to tears and poor Lurcher No.2 was distraught because he knew something had happened and wasn't sure if it was his fault or not ('cos he's like that).

A few hours later and my fear that my nose was broken seem to be unfounded and the swelling has gone down although it still feels a bit battered and sore.

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Happy Mother's Day and other stuff

Hope all you Mum's out there have a fantastic Mother's Day! My Mum is currently somewhere of the coast of North Africa (hopefully) enjoying her first ever cruise with my step-father. I can't speak to her today but I hope she knows I'm thinking of her and how much I love her. We tend not to express emotions in our family very much so saying "I do love you, Mum" is not something that happens very often. I do try to show it in other ways though.

I did something incredibly stupid this morning. I've started shopping at our local Sunday market for meat and vegetables because it is so much cheaper than the supermarket and we're on a bit of an economy drive at the moment. I asked the butcher if he had anything on the bone that I could give to The Lurchers. "here you are, love" he said, "you can have this box of chicken legs for £6". 20 of them! Deal! These aren't just chicken legs, their quarter of a flippin' chicken! And that was the silly thing....I had a dog food delivery last week and there's no room in the freezer. I put it down to the fact that we had a late night last night and I was still asleep. Fortunately I have a friend down the road that also feeds raw food to her Lurchers and a quick phone call found a new home for most of the chicken legs!

Now I'm off to make soup out of all the vegetables I bought last week and haven't used yet.

Thursday, 23 March 2006

Silly spats

We have a bit of a family situation going on at the moment. One of those silly things that really make no sense but everyone has lost sight of the original issue. It's taking up far more of my time than it really ought to but, hey ho, it will get sorted out.

It's OH's birthday today so I am cooking him his favourite dinner tonight: sirloin steak with chips, mushrooms, peas and fried onion rings. A timeless classic!

Monday, 20 March 2006


..onwards and upwards! Too much to be doing to be wallowing.

My poor boss....his wife of three months has just walked out on him. Again. Seems everytime she can't get her way she walks out in a strop. It just seems so silly when it's a marriage at stake. But then, I suppose I only get to hear one side of the story.

I'm really pleased with how the diet is going...see the old Slimgraph over there on the right. This last 1/2 stone is proving a bit of a bugger to move but OH fixed my bike this weekend so I can start cycling again. I now need to get Lurcher No.2 used to running alongside the bike so I can do the first part of his morning walk on the bike rather than driving to the car park.

Sunday, 19 March 2006

An odd day

Today has been an emotional sort of day. It comes as something of a shock to find out that someone doesn't think you are the the kind of person that you thought you were. Whether they are right or wrong, and whether everyone else agrees with them or not, it is still a shock.

Friday, 17 March 2006

Oooo err

Someone just told me that when I answer the phone, I have THE sexiest voice. That's nice isn't it!?

Well, as it's been so liong since I blogged I suppose I'd better do a catch-up. Crufts was a hoot.....and flippin' expensive. I somehow spent 200 squids without batting an eyelid. Ho hum......dry biscuits to eat for the rest of the month. The morning we left I got confirmation that Greyhound Gap had been granted Registered Charity status...yee hah! Here we go! Oh and I've just had to pay OH's tax bill. £7,500. Gulp.

And that's about it really.....not a terribly exciting time at all.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Leeks, Daffodils and confusing men

Happy St David's Day!!

OH has been driving me bananas for the last few weeks and I've been getting very fed up with it. Nothing in particular, just lots of little things that, to me, seemed to show that he just didn't care about me or our relationship. Then I get home lunchtime and there waiting for me is a bunch of daffodils with the message

"A bunch of daffs for my favourite Taff"

Perhaps he does care after all.