Monday, 31 August 2009

Tuesday Challenge #27

Stu's Tuesday Challenge this week is Music.

Playing bagpipes

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Tuesday Challenge #26 - Themed Collection

Oooh look! A blog post!!

Apologies for being AWOL but, for several reasons, I took a bit of a blogging summer holiday. Anyway, I'm back now witth the latest of Stu's Tuesday Challenges.....

Your homework, should you choose to accept is to shoot a themed collection. At least ten shots with a common theme running through them. This could be a colour theme, maybe a narrative, or maybe a typology - like the Bechers' work where by keeping everything from lighting and angle as common as possible, the differences in the subject really show up. You could always use one of the previous tuesday challenges as your inspiration.

For my theme, I've taken an alternative look around my garden and picked 10 shots that show pattern and texture.