Friday, 14 November 2008

Having it both ways?

OK, let's talk about "gender reassignment", or "sex change" as it was called in my day.

Tracy Lagondin grew up in Hawaii as a female. In her 20s, she decided she really wanted to be a he. So she started living as a man and went through the "gender reassignment" process and legally became a male.

EXCEPT... Ms Lagondin, or Mr Thomas Beattie as we should now call him, decided that at some point he would really like to give birth to a child so opted to keep her reproductive organs.

Now, herein lies the dilemma for me. If you're born a female and feel very strongly that you need to be a male (or vice versa), so much so that you go through the gender reassignment, then fine. Whatever makes you comfortable in your own skin is just fine and dandy by me. But, HOW can someone who is so desperate to be male that they go through the procedure, but still feel female enough that they want to give birth to a child (one has been born and a second is now on the way)?

Am I the only person to whom that just does not make any sense?


  1. It's the all powerful money thing. If he has the means.........

  2. money..thats how i see it!! thanks for the thoughts...a little scarey if I have to be induced!!!

  3. But it's not just about having the money. ALthough that no doubt helps. It's the whole mental attitude - wanting to be a male but still wanting to give birth to a child - an equivocally female thing! How can you want both?

  4. I just feel sorry for the children, how much stick are they going to have to take in life, being born from a man. That's so unfair on them.

    I have a friend who's 'father' left home one day when he was 10 and his 'aunt' came to live instead the next. He's had hell of a journey. Sometimes people should think of who they are affecting not just of themselves.

  5. "But, HOW can someone who is so desperate to be male that they go through the procedure, but still feel female enough that they want to give birth to a child (one has been born and a second is now on the way)?"

    Perhaps a person who wants a lot of attention would attempt such a thing.

  6. Eduardo's Mommy Here: This 'Lady' didn't really want to be a man! 'She' didn't actually have the surgery to get a penis(just to be frank) Here is where 'She' explains what she got done.( Just in case you don't want to listen to 'her', I'll tell you what 'she' says, as to why she has done this, I don't know.'She' had top surgery, which got rid of 'her' breasts, but 'she' didn't have bottom surgery ( giving 'her' a penis, pretty much) because, well, 'she' didn't want to.
    So, 'she' IS biologically female. But, 'she' has hormones and had top surgery. and, no bottom surgery. 'She' still has a vagina. But, testosterone made 'her' clitoris grow bigger to the point where it resembles a small penis. Pray for the kids...
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo's Mommy

  7. I had friends where the man said he wanted to be a woman. His elder boys knew this & all the childer had seen him dressed up as a very passable female. However this last September, he & his partner (female) got married & since they've been together (years before they married) they had at least 3 childer with them both as the parents... He's fathered about 6 childer all told. Something I find odd in a man who says that he's a woman in the wrong body.

    (We fell out 2 years ago, but I was sent an email about the wedding...)

    I've met a man who did go the whole hog & changed into a woman, but goodness only knows what his twins made of it.

    In school I knew 2 brothers, the younger of whom had no problem that his father lived with a younger man, but the older brother hated it & was so embarrassed about his home situation

  8. I have no idea. I am CLUELESS...and furthermore, I never could understand how a lesbian would be attracted to a woman...who looked like a MAN. Isn't that defeating the whole purpose??

  9. Only another deeply insecure person could ever understand that. The or child, of course, will be destined to always be an outsider.

  10. We live in a world where you can have whatever you want, even if you don't _know_ what you want.

  11. I don't understand any of that situation, Synically I see them out for the limelight and the money. As real people (?) I feel they are selfish and not thinking of the children's emotional futures. As for the media -- enough already!

  12. I am with you..every time I see "pregnant man" in the headlines I say "she is not a man, she is a woman...she has a uterus". I have no problem with her life or the decisions she makes, just be honest about what you are....if you have a uterus you are a girl....penis you are a boy.


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