Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Saturday List

Damn but I am getting organised! I have another list of things to do this weekend...

1. Get sorry ass out of....oh wait, you remember that one from last week - DONE!
2. Walk hounds. - DONE
3. Measure front door, back door, hall shit tip cupboard door - DONE

4. Go and buy fabric – to make curtains! Oh yes, my sewing machine is going to see the light of day for the first time in more years than I can remember! - Ahh That will be a blog post in itself

5. Buy louvre doors for hall shit tip cupboard door. This might be fun because it's not a standard size door. FAILED!

6. Buy curtain poles, curtain hooks, and thingies for fixing to the wall (for those of you not in the know, "thingies" is a technical term) DONE

7. Buy a bolt for the office door which won't close....that's the door that won't close by the way, not that I want to buy a bolt that won't close. Because that would just be silly, right? DONE

8. Buy pole and hooks to hang toilet rolls. OK, this one might need explaining. I don't have a conventional toilet roll holder. I dislike conventional toilet roll holders. I have a long pole that sits under a shelf that holds about 6 toilet rolls. It's an ace system but the pole there at the moment only just fits, so when I undo one end and try to put the toilet rolls on, it always falls out and I have toilet rolls rolling around everywhere. I need a longer pole.

9. Come home and wonder what the heck I was thinking about when I decided to make my own curtains.

You may well hear the screams across the globe.

Then somewhere in there I have to:

Change the bed linen (DONE), throws on the sofa, wash the window blinds, and I still haven't got my chainsaw.

Later peeps.


  1. I have a DVD of "Make Simple Curtains" by Maureen Whitemore. It was copied from an old video tape, but while it isn't 100%, is still good enough to follow. I used the video the first time I made curtains and it was wonderful. I'll copy it and send it to the Rangers Office if that is alright.
    They WILL be beautiful and you will be so proud of them.

  2. Oh Lesley, thank you, that is so very kind of you!!

  3. Husband is off to the Post Office with it and so it should be with you on Monday. It will tell you how to work out your fabric and so hold back for now (if you can!).

  4. I sometimes think I might get more done if I made a list!

  5. I should make a list today, but then I might get something done!

    You know, thingies are very handy in multiple different situations. The cool thing about thingies, are that they are situations! I use them ALL the time.

  6. Will you post a picture of your toilet paper pole?

  7. Sounds as if your on the right track, all the way around. Pretty soon, there'll be nothing left to do. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

  8. I made faux roman blinds for my old kitchen. They turned out fantastic. I doubt they would have if I had made "real" ones. Good luck.

    Sewing is something I want to do but can't put down the knitting needles long enough.


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