Friday, 28 November 2008

Dressing up

Tonight I have to attend a bit of a do. It's an annual drinks party that the boss traditionally throws at this time of year and senior staff are expected to attend, be on best behaviour and generally smile and make small talk as they mingle amongst the guests. VIP guests.

Dress is lounge suit.

Well that's the men sorted then. You know exactly what to wear. What us women wear is a whole other kettle of fishies. "Lounge suit" for women is not so easy. Over do it and you end up looking like mutton. Under do it and the other female guests glare down their noses at you like you're Cinderella.

I don't have the kind of wardrobe that contains the appropriate clothing for any given occasion. I can't just reach in and pick out the perfect outfit. Nope, I end up with clothes strewn around the bedroom because nothing will do. Which is why I shall be wearing pretty much what I wore last year.

But whilst I had the dressing-up box out last night, I decided to have some fun and try on all my evening dresses. Well, I say all. Two of them to be precise. I slid into my dresses, lvery chuffed that they still fitted, slipped on my heels and paraded around to a very unappreciative audience of two lurchers and a greyhound. Who all got terribly excited because they thought putting on shoes meant time for a walk. I really must teach them the difference between walking boots and heels.


  1. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! You painted such a picture. Who better than your 3 dogs for an audience?

  2. Exactly! Only the dogs get excited when you put on any kind of shoes--it's all about them, after all. Know what you mean about not having a well-rounded wardrobe. Any event is a crisis because there's never anything appropriate to wear.

  3. Were they excited for a walk, or watching you carefully to see where those heels live when not on your feet? High heels are so wonderful for chewing, too ...

  4. You mean you didn't walk them in the heels?

  5. I can just imagine the dogs getting excited.

    I have given a lot of my evening dresses to beccy and she now wears them-some things never date and others do for themed evenings I knew those 80's clothes would be useful! Oh and I even gave her a 60's Mary Quant cape!

  6. That would so be me in the same situation. I always thought a "not-too-fancy fancy wear shop" would be a good idea. There never seems to be any middle of the road outfits when you're looking for them.

    Funny dogs. Mine do the same thing!


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