Friday, 21 November 2008


....I'm supposed to blog again today aren't I?

I will be so glad when Blog365 is over. We're in November and the end didn't seem so far away. But today? The thought of blogging every day for the next seven weeks is a little overbearing

So what shall I blog about today. I think I will tell you about the thought that has just crossed my mind.

I belong to several internet forums but there are two that I post on more often than any other. In fact, I am a Moderator on both of them. One is frequented mainly, but not exclusively, by women. The other is frequented mainly, but not exclusively, by men.

I'll give you one guess as to which requires the most moderating........

And they call women bitches? Let me tell you ladies, the men have us beat hands down on that one. I've not seen so many toys thrown out of so many prams as I have on that mainly male forum.


  1. It's because men are such 'chest-beaters', they Have To Show each other UP, all the time. (that's what I think). Please it's more culturally acceptable for men.

  2. Ha! I moderated a huge world-wide whippet group for several years, and the only member we had to ask to leave for not playing by the rules was, you guessed it, male.


  3. I know what you mean. I co-moderate our local freecycle group. The men are SUCH babies.

  4. In the great scheme of things would it REALLY matter if you didn't blog everyday? There are so many things in life that can't be altered and really get us down, and so why allow something that can so easily be sorted continue to plague you? Such a huge weight could be taken off your wouldn't be cursed.

  5. Oh my, we love that expression, "toys thrown out of prams!" I have never heard that before!

  6. I'm a little weary of Blog365, too. A ton of people signed on. I wonder how many have made it this far?

    Did you buy your chainsaw?

  7. Lindsay, you are absolutely right of course, I don't have to do it but I set myself the challenge and, just for once in my life, I will finish something I started!

  8. If you get stuck pictures of the animals or the common would be very welcome!

  9. Blog365: the end is in sight...

    With regards the forum bitching, funnily enough I was catching up with the "mainly, but not exclusively, men" forum for the first time in a while and my eyebrows did raise a few times! I guessed that there would be some busy-ness behind the scenes!!

  10. I can't even imagine blogging for 365 days straight. I'm about ready for NaBloPoMo to be over and thank goodness it is!!! As for men? Oh do I hear you on that one. My hubby gets together with his friends and I ALWAYS tease him after on what a bunch of gossipy hens they sound like. You want the gossip on anyone, you go to them because they make it their business to know or find out. Yet deny it to the hilt if I tease them about it.

  11. I agree! Women may be catty, but men really throw darts!

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