Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What shall I do today?

I could do Witty Wednesday as many of my blogging friends do, or I could do Wordless Wednesday as the rest of them do. That would be appropriate given I have a new camera.

But no. Today, I am going to do WTF!!? Wednesday.

You all know I volunteer for Greyhound Gap. I foster and am also Treasurer. We've also done some wacky fundraising things - like spending the night in a haunted house and recently, although I couldn't go, they spent the night in the haunted Derby Gaol. It's all fun and raises lots of money for the dogs.

Then someone, rather tongue in cheek I think, suggested something she'd seen at a show she'd been to. And I, stupidly, said I'd love to try doing that and before I knew it, I seemed to have put my hand up and said I'd do it. And "what is it" I hear you ask, and where does WTF!!? come into it? A good question.

Well, this is what I have said I'll do.....

Yes, wingwalking. I think that rather takes the WTF!!? crown, don't you?


  1. WTF!!!! You'd never get my wheelchair on that!

  2. omgosh. only if it was on the ground, stabilized and i had a safety harness, lol ... WTF is right!

  3. Well, they does start with "W"

    Let me know, will Himself do the video?

  4. can we say LUNATIC!!! hahaha you'd never get me up there!

  5. Wow! I'd love to do that! Enjoy!

  6. OMG! How brave are you! Do you have to do the acrobatics as well? Can't wait to see your video!


  7. Em, they are based in Cirencester so you'll be able to come along and watch!!

  8. LOL!

    That'll teach you! Keep your typing fingers under control in future *snort*

    Says she who vaguely considered the option for a fleeting moment but kept it to herself because she is sensible ;-)

  9. Idiot I wish you would reconsider lol! Im sure in the longterm although the dogs need the money I need my bleeding treasurer more!

    *Sigh* This is the woman who when I suggested we walked across hot coals said no but now she wants to do this??

  10. I can't wait to see you in a pink catsuit doing acrobatics hehehe

  11. I'm very much like Ali, thought about it, had a look at the website and then thought nooooo but it does look like a lot of fun!


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