Monday, 18 August 2008

Fun Monday! A question!

Our lovely hostess this week is Lisa over at Lisa's Chaos and this is our assignment:

What is one thing you would like to ask your readers? Come up with a question to pose to your visitors and throw it out there on Monday. As we’re all visiting each other’s Fun Monday posts we should answer the various questions we come across.
Show&Tell me about a bird, I’m easily made happy.

I have pondered during this last week what question to ask you. I wanted it to be an original question, something to make you perhaps stop and think, and ponder awhile too.

Then I thought, you know what? I am going to presume on our Hostess's hospitality....and cheat!

As I was trawling the net for some esoteric question (yes, I am that sad), I came across a site that listed the most amusing questions asked on Wikipedia and I thought "I'm having me some of that!". So here you go, have a little chuckle over these and perhaps wonder what on earth the future holds when these people are in charge!

Do Christian's believe in gravity? Well, do ya?

How many pancakes does it take to shingle a doghouse? Ummmm.....

Where is the cream filling? Oh yes, I want to know that to!

How do you say Merry Christmas in Britain. Watch my lips "Merry Christmas"

When Mozart died, did he start to decompose? Think about it.....

Why is a book a thing with pages? It just is OK?

And finally

How would you know you were a virgin? Answers to this one in the comments box please!

Now head over to Lisa's to see who else is participating (properly) this week!


  1. goes nothing...

    I believe in gravity. I believe in God...

    It depends if the doghouse if for a chihuahua or a great dane....

    do you want a PG or R rated answer for the cream filling??

    Feliz Navidad...oh sorry..I am from California!!

    I don't think he started to decompose until the last note was struck.

    Why did the chicken cross the road?? to get to the library??

    It has been too long since I was a virgin to answer this question!!

    How was that??

  2. I'm not sure about the virginity thing, but my best friend in college did claim to have her only child by immaculate conception--this was 40 years ago so I quit challenging her on it!

    Willie would want his doghouse shingled with liver pancakes no matter how many it took.

  3. It takes 26 pancakes to shingle a dog house. However, I would like to point out that waffles work better.

  4. Im going with the Mozart one! I read a book yesterday that talked about some ancient cultures embalming people with molten gold. Inside and out! So perhaps if he had something like this done to him, he may not have decomposed! Who knows!

    Oh and I found the cream....its here......

  5. 1. If it has something to do with FAITH, my answer is yes. If it has something to do with theory, I say no.

    2. I need to know the color of the dog before I can answer this one.

    3. It depends on if the hampster was wearing shoes when the cream filling was whipped.

    4. Ello chap, bloody hell, tis CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas, pip pip cheerio OR Happy Holiday perchance?

    5. Musicians never die. They just go from bar to bar.

    6. It's not a thing with pages. It's a thing with chapters made up of pages.

    7. Depends on if you are a boy or girl. Hym-in no position to answer this one in detail.

  6. Swampys answers were pretty funny!

    1. yes, at least I do..
    2. depends on the pancakes size...
    3. not a clue....kind of interested in the answer there...
    4. Uhm yeah....don't they speak English? hehe that's like asking and Alaskan if they live in an Igloo.
    5. hehe on the mozart one that was a funny play on words.
    6. I agree with Swampys answer
    7. I would hope someone would know their own answers to that...

  7. To answer your question about being a virgin and how I would know...

    Well, it stems back to the first question about gravity and Christians...

    I guess I would know if I were if I had a Big Book written and published by Guttenberg a long time ago and it had my life's story about divine conception.

    In other the hell would I know? rofl

    Now, come by and answer my FM's probably as DEEP as your'll have to stop by to figure it out.

  8. Hee hee. Ok, so you know whether you're a virgin or not by the amount of notches there are in your bed post.
    Zero notches = virgin.
    1-50 notches = not a virgin.
    51-300 notches = virgin/fibber.

  9. I asked my husband if I was a Virgin and he said 'yes' cos we've just signed up to Virgin Media and it works very well.

  10. You know you are a virgin if you still think sex is not a chore. *just kidding everyone*

    I'm in an ornery mood and I am tired this morning ;0)

  11. I would say you'd know you were a virgin if you were a girl if you bled or not. for a guy, well, you'd think you'd not only have to be a certain age, but you'd also have to have the 'action' so you'd think you'd be awake for it and thereby, know.

    but I think the bedpost answer is MUCH more clever ;-)

  12. I was very amused with all the answers and can think of nothing witty or clever to say except great questions and brilliant answers.

  13. Unlimited amount of pancakes, since my dogs would eat them as I tried to shingle!

    How would you know you were a virgin? How would you know you weren't?

    I played :-)

  14. OOHH thats good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And for the last one...I have kiddenly stated several times with this pregnancy that I was sleeping..If thats the case..well there ya have it!!

  15. At least you came up with questions, I'm question-less.

    Do Christian's believe in gravity? Sure

    How many pancakes does it take to shingle a doghouse? 200

    Where is the cream filling? Inside

    How do you say Merry Christmas in Britain. Watch my lips "Merry Christmas", yeah

    When Mozart died, did he start to decompose? ya

    Why is a book a thing with pages? because
    And finally

    How would you know you were a virgin? if you hadn't had sex!! any kind.

  16. Do Christians believe in gravity? Yes, but we believe in it better.

    How many pancakes? What size is the doghouse? What size are the pancakes? Is it raining?

    Where is the cream filling?
    I have no idea, but, I do know that ever since I found that twinkie with any I haven't eaten one since nor have I gotten over the trauma.

    How do you say Merry Christmas in Berlin?
    When we were there we said it like this: Merry Christmas.

    I haven't been to Britain so I'm not sure.

    Did Mozart decompose? Presumably...wait...did they mummify him? (shame on you for that horrible pun and shame on me for dignifying it with an answer)

    Why is a book a thing with pages? Because if it didn't have pages it would be a sign.

    How would you know you were a virgin?
    I don't know...consult a unicorn?

  17. Depends on the era, several and hold the syrup, in my mouth, Happy Christmas, very funny, because the Internet is still new, the other girls were much more popular.

  18. How would I know I was a virgin? Because I would still think that sex was like it appears in the movies.

  19. I'm just happy, b/c according to ipost, I'm still a virgin! WOOHOO!!

  20. Can't answer.... laughing too hard! Every single thought I had in my head is GONE!

  21. I am saying this with all honesty that after reading swampy's answer to the last question all my answers flew out of my head because I was too busy rolling on the ground laughing!!!!! And tiggerlane's answer? Same. *snort*

  22. *singing*
    Be-lieve in Muuuuuuu-siiiiic!!
    Be-lieve in Looooooooove!!!!

    Doncha just love Mac Davis??!!

  23. I"m with Janet, my dogs would eat the pancakes, before they got shingled.

    Depends on what exactly am I a virgin too, if it has to do with having a pedicure, then yes I am, I would love to get one.

  24. I've just read too many brilliant answers and I don't have an original thought in my head. I don't know why I didn't visit you earlier especially as I knew it was posted :)

  25. OK, whatever Stephanie is on, I would like some too please!!

  26. O.k., the Mozart question is GROAN-worthy and FUNNY! :)

    As to how I'd know if I were a virgin... well, that's easy. Before I was married I was a virgin. After I got married I wasn't. And that's all I have to say about that. :)

  27. I am laughing too hard to even come up with answers. Your post was hilarious!!

  28. Okay, Swampy I just snorted tea out of my nose. he he. As for the virgin thing...I'd say if you have to ask, you probably are.

  29. If you live in Virgina that is just East of Wet Virgina than your a Virgin. If you don't eat meat that your a Virgin Vegain and they don't llow any of them in Wet Vergina.

  30. Now there's some bizarre ponderings! I think, in this day and age maybe virgins are just people who have not had a baby. :)

  31. I was once told that the last thing a virgin hears is "zzzzzzzzzzzzzip."

    So- you've heard it from the final authority. bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  32. wow! I have no idea what you are talking about


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