Thursday, 28 August 2008

Update on the wing-walking

I mentioned here that I was hoping to do a wing-walk to raise funds for Greyhound. I sent off for all the information and found one problem clause. It says...

Please note : Unfortunately, due to the rules of the air laid down in the UK Air Navigation Order, performing a wing walk as a means of raising money for a charitable cause is not allowed. This means that you cannot be sponsored (i.e. have a sponsorship form) nor be promised any kind of payment for performing a wing walk on our team aircraft. This also means that you cannot use a wing walk as a fund raising raffle prize either.

Damn, damn and damn again..... I'd really got myself psyched up to do this.


  1. Oh no - but you can still do it for fun..... ;o)

  2. Maybe you can find some other incredibly crazy thing to do ... like sky dive or skyscraper bungee dive.

  3. I was so looking forward to coming to watch you.


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