Sunday, 10 August 2008

In my Garden

The fruits of my labours.

The first ripening tomatoes of this year

Courgettes, which have been growing like crazy and we've had loads of just this one plant already.

And not strictly in my garden, but just outside my gate, a lovely blackberry bush that's laden with fruit just starting to ripen. I've picked a bowlful already and shall have them for my breakfast tomorrow.

Food doesn't really get much better than this does it?


  1. It's strange because I was out taking pictures of our tomatoes and blackberries this morning. They are are nowhere near as ripe as these. However, I was able to pick enough French beans for a meal from only five small plants!

  2. I have had no luck with my tomatoes this year. My banana peppers, jalapeño peppers and herbs are out of control though.

    Those blackberries look delicious!

  3. Looking good!
    Those blackberrys neeeeeeeeed to be made into Blackberry Jelly.

    Just think as the evenings draw in and winter descends (although given weather of late you'd be forgiven for thinking this IS winter), toast a few crumpets and spread liberally with homemade Blackberry Jelly.

    I promise you there is nothing quite like it (all the better for being eaten in front of roaring fire).

  4. Courgette? Is that a cucumber? Or a type of squash? Whatever, everything looks good enough to eat.

    Oh, I guess you WILL eat them.

    I love cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, & cilantro mixed together...with cottage cheese and lots of salt and pepper.

    I was at a Farmer's Market the other day and they were selling those yellow blossoms. The vendor said he stuffed them with cheese, dipped them in a batter, and fried them. Sounded interesting.

  5. Lovely. The only part of my veg garden that survived the deer, the raccoons, the 3-striped chipmunks, the rabbits, and the squirrels is my garlic chives. I had some today in my sandwich. Delicious.

  6. I had a photo of courgette (zucchini) blossom last Wordless wednesday. Blackberries by the creek are scrumptious and we have had two or three ripe tomatoes.

    We also have a teeny strawberry patch which has been giving us basket after basket of yummies...o which I have little allergic reactions from, but can't stop popping them in my mouth (:


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