Friday, 8 August 2008

All a bit too much

I like to think that, most of the time, I can cope with whatever life chucks at me. OK, I might swear a bit, or turn into the local mad-woman that people go out of their way to avoid and I might rant and rave too, but I generally just get on with it.

Today was an exception. It all suddenly got too much for me and I came within inches of having a panic attack. There's nothing out of the ordinary going on and no more than I've had to cope with before. Yes, I'm busy and there's lots of things happening over the next few weeks so why now? Who knows.

I owe a big thanks to Karisma, Molly and Emsquared who were in Plurk at the time and got me back together. Thank guys, you are good people.


  1. Hang in there. I know how you feel and commend you for not going off the deep end, and also for having the sanity to post about it. You'll be great!

  2. I've only had a couple of those in my life and they were frightening. Karisma is good people - her genuine caring spirit travels far to comfort people who need it. I'm glad she and Molly and Emsquared were all able to help. Who says blog friends aren't real?

  3. I'm so glad you had someone there for you!


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