Saturday, 2 August 2008

A grand day out

A girlfriend and I are off to Gatcombe Horse Trials today. Gatcombe, the home of Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, hosts one of the premier eventing festivals in the UK, and boy am I looking forward to it!

Gatcombe isn't as big as Badminton Horse Trials so it's easier to get up-cloe to the cross country fences. So, as we are going armed with cameras, I hope to have a feas tof photographs for you on Sunday.


  1. I think you and me are in for a wet day - we are off to Kemble Steam Rally. Classic Car and Brother in Law have left already and we will follow later. The horses at Gatcombe might enjoy the wetter ground - hope you get some good pics around the water splash.

  2. Yeah, I hope you have a great time, and come home with wonderful pics.

  3. Lindsay, didn't the weather turn out to be fantastic!?

  4. Hi, and thanks for the hug! I hope you had a good time at Gatcombe. I went yesterday, and was really disappointed with how much it's gone down since the 'old days' when I was working there every year. I hope it's just the 'Olympic effect', but I thought it was a bit sad.


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