Thursday, 21 August 2008

Good news day

When I was on duty at the weekend, a distraught woman came in to say the 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier she was looking after for a friend had been spooked and had run off. Complete with extendable lead still attached to his collar.

It's now Thursday and still no news and we were all beginning to fear the worst.

Then, when I was half way around the supermarket tonight my mobile rang. It was one of our staff ringing to let me know that a dog-walker had heard some yapping in the bushes and found the puppy all tangled up.

She's dehydrated and hungry but well enough to give me puppy snuggles!

I like stories that end like this!

Oh, and I may just have bought a new camera. Shhh, I haven't told Himself yet!


  1. Great news! That's definitely a breath->relax story.

    And an evil muahahaha! for the alleged new camera!

  2. That is a happy news day! (on all accounts!!!)

  3. What a happy story! We always need happy stories.

  4. Fantastic news for the pup!! :)

  5. Great news indeed! Exciting news about the camera!!

  6. Good news about the puppy :)

  7. Wonderful news, glad the puppy was ok

    Congrats on the new camera

  8. Whew! We are so glad that this story didn't have a bad ending. But what a lot of scary moments ...

  9. Great happy ending.

    I never did find the owners of the collie stray that adopted me, but he's transferred his affection to a friend of mine & the 2 of them are very well suited ~ I'm not sure who's looking after whom ~ "Juke" is contented & Jamie much better in himself since the dog insisted on being walked up to his new home...


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