Sunday, 17 August 2008

Food Glorious Food

I seem to spend my entire life on a diet these days.

Having no thyroid gland, it makes weight an issue for me. Although I take medication to compensate for the lack of thyroid hormone, drugs can never replace what should be there naturally.

I did really well last year and got down to below my target weight of 142lbs. I actually reached 139 lbs although I knew I wouldn't stay there, I balanced back out at 142lbs and I was a happy bunny. Then came Christmas. There were going to be eight of us and, stupidly, I put Himself in charge of shopping for all the "extras", you know, the cheese, the biscuits, the chocolates.......

I think he thought that we were feeding the 40,000. How much chocolate can 8 people eat? Not that much, let me tell you. So we ended up with all this chocolate left over. Now my mother brought me up properly and food cannot be wasted. What do you mean chocolate isn't food!? Well, OK, you might have a point. Anyway, the upshot was that by February, I was back up to where I was before I started dieting last year.

I put myself back on a diet. Unfortunately, will-power and I are not exactly bedmates.

I was good and had salad for dinner every evening - I'm just not convinced that the dollops of mayonnaise where helping.

So three weeks ago I went back to Weight Watchers. So now I'm still on salad but sans mayonnaise. And let me tell you, I am sick to the back teeth of salad. All winter I look forward to summer and salad and now I am fed up with it.

I am going to start looking like a damn lettuce leaf soon.

It had better be worth it.


  1. I wish you well with your dieting. My husband and I have been relatively slim most of our adult lives. However, in recent years, we have put on a little weight. A friend recommended that we try the Glycemic Index diet. I might have mentioned this Plurking. We have been following the diet for about 3months. Hubby has lost about 12 pounds, and I have lost about ten pounds. The diet is easy to follow, includes several food options, and snacks. When we follow the diet, we are not usually hungry. You might look up the book Glycemic Index (g.i.) Diet Express by Rick Gallop. This program is a lifestyle rather than just another diet. Anyway, good luck with the weight loss plan.

  2. I know how you feel about the will power part. Bless your heart. I wish you best of luck!

  3. weight watchers is terrific. you can eat chocolate on weight watchers. i lost 14 pounds and never gave up chocolate, beer, or bread.

    you just have to factor it into your points.

    it's an almost painless way to lose weight. it's all about portion size.

    good luck! you're definitely on the right track

  4. Laurie, I'm doing the Core Plan, I tried points but it just made me think constantly of food and it was dreadful!


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