Thursday, 28 August 2008

There's an area of open and wooded green space not too far from us that, for reasons we cannot fathom, attracts cruising homsexual males, and all the activities that go with cruising homosexual males.

Now, I will make it abundantly clear before I go any further that I have no issues with homosexuality. I have had, and still do have, gay friends - both male and female - that are very dear to me.

These cruising homosexuals are after casual sex. They are usually closet gays, quite often married with families, after a quick fix. What really annoys me is that the wooded are they use adjoins an open space used regularly by families and dog-walkers and, not unsurprisingly, they probably like to venture into the woods too. And what are they greeted with? If they are really unlucky they will be met by two (or more) men engaged in sexual activity. If they are lucky (and I use that term loosely) all they find is the detritus the men leave behind - used condoms, sometimes drugs, and other things that I will not mention as it's pretty bloody messy.

I was at a meeting today to discuss this problem and what can be done about it. Several things were made clear:

1. The politicians and local councillors don't want to get involved in "banning" these cruising homosexuals because some factions in the gay commmunity start shouting that they are being victimised because of their sexual preferences. And boy is that a sure fire way to lose your political seat.

2. The police? The police are happy with the status quo because they at least know where these men are. If we start moving them on, the problem will just be spread somewhere else.

A part of me does understand the police point of view. They have a hard enough job as it is and a problem contained is one thing less for them to worry about. But the politicians and local councillors? Inexcusable. Why should these men be allowed to do this, when it is against the law to have sex in a public place, just because they are "homosexual"? I am not discriminating, I would be equally peeved if this was an area where men and women met to have casual sex with each other.

This is positive discrimination at its worst. And it stinks something rotten. Homophobia is rife, and it's wrong, but what about the rights of the parents and their children who stumble across them? Do they not have a right to enjoy this open space too?

Do what you want people, but please, keep it private.


  1. Well said, I totally agree, whoever is out there having casual sex shouldn't be. It's a public area and I'd hate to see kids come across that, whether it's two men together or a man and a woman. Not to mention if they're leaving drug paraphernalia around, safety must be also considered.

  2. I totally agree with you we have a similar problem on parts of the Downs here in Bristol. I don't know what the answer is but no one should have to witness this private act in public.

  3. We, too, have a similar problem about two blocks from our house. There is a park with wooded areas that men have been using to hook-up. The park is also a favorite place for families. It is a difficult situation. I agree - do what you please in private - but please keep it private.

  4. We have a park in the City I live close to that is known for having a 'section' for the same thing. And the answer is also the same. Say one word and you are labeled a gay basher. Meanwhile the children are playing in this park....

  5. We also have a wood close to us where this goes on. I had to pass it on my way to to work for a while, and it was horrible - quite intimidating really. You also got to recognise the cars/vans parked there every day - I just prayed that I never recognised anyone.

    I don't know what the answer is - and why men in particular seem to have the need to do it in public places - I've never heard of a lesbian hide out!

  6. The main park in the city of Atlanta has this problem too. Luckily it's not a park I frequent very often. Yuck.

  7. There is one of those places at one of the "bird-watching" areas I visit. I always have my camera, SO I don't know what I would do if I caught them.
    Blog the photo? ha ha.


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