Friday, 15 August 2008

OK Ladies

I was going to start this post by telling you that I am not your average woman. Why am I not your average woman? Because I hate shopping. Wrong. I hate shopping with a passion.

However, a quick poll amongst my Plurk buddies, and the knowledge of my friends' shopping habits, I realise that I am an average woman. We don't really like shopping that much.

So that old chestnut about women and shopping is a myth.

Today I had to go to M&S to return a blouse (yes, Nettie, THAT blouse). M&S is about 7 miles away. Even by London standards it shouldn't take me more than about 20 minutes. Three traffic jams and an hour later I'm still sitting in traffic. Not a good start.

Once I reached my destination, I had to contend with the unhelpful "I can't do that here" members of staff. Twice. Finally having obtained my refund, I decide that whilst I'm there, I might as well try to buy some new bras.

And here we come to the crunch. Shopping for bras. The general advice when it comes to buying bras is buy the best you can afford. Yeah right. I might be contemplating spending the best part of £1,000 on a new camera, but pay more than £15 for a bra? Forget it. So about a month ago I bought two cheap M&S t-shirt bras. Wrong! They are dreadful! They don't sit smoothly and are so uncomfortable I am constantly adjusting them.

I like t-shirt bras but I have to be careful. I'm not small and I have to be careful my boobs don't look like they'd be better suited to Pamela Anderson. I like some padding so if it turns chilly, I don't start standing proud. Because that is not good when you work with a bunch of testosterone fuelled ex-soldiers. Actually, the Pamela Anderson look is not good for that either. So you see the tightrope I'm walking here?

For all that, I am not an unusual size. 38c. Did they have any "not so cheap" t-shirt bras in my size? Nope. Did they have any bras in my size? Not many. I found two. In a big out of town M&S superstore, I found two bras that might do.

And don't even get me started on the mirrors in the changing rooms.


  1. Now you know why I'm putting off returning my good to M&S! Their bra fitting service is not particularly good in any of the branches. Some of the assistants (I use the term lightly) don't want to know if you are over 36 and I'm a lot over that. However I must be fair and say I was really surprised to find 3 bras that fitted in M&S just before I went on hol. without any assistance I might add!

  2. Great Scott woman! Shopping for bras AND a return? Are you insane??!!

  3. glad I'm not the only woman in the world that hates to shop and really hates to spend my hard earned money on a bra...something I've worn every single day of my life since I was 10.

    I'd much rather buy a spendy camera too!

  4. I hate shopping with a passion also!!!! I get in my mind exactly what I need and go in and get out!!! Years ago my hubby would time me and complain it would take me 1 1/2 to go to Wal Mart and 2 grocery stores. I would do shopping for the month on most things. One day this man told him he must be married to an Olympic shopping wife because if his wife took less than 4 hours just doing 1/2 I did he would think something was wrong. LOL! Non the less, he doesn't time me or complain any more. LOL!

  5. I hate shopping too! My wonky knees do not take kindly to dragging round Marks so I do most clothes shopping on internet. A good underwar site is Figleaves. I have found a bra, through them, that fits really well, so I just re-order when needed. I think the bra cost about £30.

    I think Marks has gone off the rails (pun). I hate the fact that if you are looking for a skirt you have to trail around looking in nooks and crannies all over the place because the skirts are now bunched together with trousers and tops within their brand. If I have to go to Marks, Husband and I go to Cribbs Causeway and I take Junior Supabike so that I can whizz and wiggle my way through the rails of clothing. Bring back the St. Michael Brand I say!!

  6. i am the opposite - my ladies are perfectly happy when not contained by a bra as they are of the 'small but perfectly formed' variety. but i decided i should get some bras (for the first time in 30 years i might add!) because of my new job and as you so rightly put it not wanting to stand proud. well, all i can say is the embarassment of being nearly 50 and having no idea what bra size you are is something else. and i so hate wearing them! i am going to go back to my old practice of buying shirts with pockets on the front...

  7. I was measured in M&S for a bra once & it was a nightmare. I was a 36C & decided to get measured out of curiosity. They told me that I should get a 34B & I was strangled! My back is very narrow, but I have a good ribcage & plenty out front. In the end I ignored their measurements & got a 36C ~ I could breathe again. I found some bras in a closing down sale & bought 2 pairs for my daughter's wedding, sizes 36C & 36D. Now the 36D is tighter on me than the smaller cup & I think that my cup size has increased & I've not noticed because I've been living in older bras & even trying to wear out the maternity & feeding bras from my 3 childer (eldest is nearly 20 & I stopped feeding youngest 7 years ago when she was 5, so they've stood me well!)

    Had great fun trying to find NON-underwired bras for younger girl who is 32/4 B (I'm not sure which size we got her in the end. Nearly every bra was underwired, even for "fried eggs on a tin tray"

  8. Too funny! I hate shopping, too, especially at the very American "MALL." That place is hell. Park the car, walk a mile, into the corridor and then wander forever to find what you want, or walk for ions, dodging to miss the masses of confused humanity ... yikes. I despise it. We don't have M&S here, but our TARGET is similar, kind of, only on a HUGER scale. There bras are okay, but I always have a tough time finding a good fit (I have BIG ones, lol) Victoria's Secret is good, but pricey. I usually shop online. For everything.

  9. Having just spent $50+ for 2 bras (buy one, get one 1/2 off), you have my sympathy. Every time I try to economize, I either end up with 4 boobs or sliding out the sides or something else bizarre.

    I so wish that I could wear cheap bras.

    and Vicky? doesn't even carry my

  10. If its any help I am now a trained at fitting bra's and have extensive knowledge and experience of all different bra's..

    I run my friends lingerie shop a couple of days a week so give me a shout, I might be able to help

    Ali x


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