Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Things I (don't) need in my kitchen

Notice that this is "need", as in really, really need. Not want. Well, OK, maybe there's a little bit of want in there too. The thing about gadgets for kitchens is that you could fill your shelves and cupboards with stuff that you will never ever use, but which seemed like an indispensable item when you purchased them.

For example, I have always, always coveted one of these:

It's a professional blow torch. Why? Why would I covet one of these so much? Because it's just something you have to have isn't it? It makes you look like you are a serious chef when people come for dinner and they can say "Gosh, she must be good look, she had a professional blowtorch" and you can bask in the glory. So far I have managed to resist the temptation because I know that there is nothing that I could conceivably cook that would require one. Creme Brulee? Never made one and whilst I might at some point in the future, I have no immediate plans to make something with the potential to go very disastrously wrong.

Here in the UK we have a fantastic company called Lakeland. Lakeland make every conceivable gadget that you could want for your kitchen...and many other gadgets that you never even realised existed, let alone knew you needed. Take these for example

A bagel cutter guide

A mushroom brush

Or how about a multi-fruit case? Mmmmmcan just see Himself toddling off to work with one of these.

Egg piercer anyone? Why would you pierce an egg before you boil it? Wouldn't all the egg run out? And anyway, what's wrong with a pin?

Or toasting tongs to get your toast out of the toaster?? Nothing wrong with burn finger tips in my book. Veteran kitchen scars.

Actually, I may mock but Lakeland is one of my favourite websites. I can browse it for hours and hours, falling into a dreamy bliss-like trance of how efficient and Stepford Wives-ish I could be with all these things. *sigh*

**Doesn't one regular blogger have a kitchen gadget company? Can anyone remind me who it is please?

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