Monday, 18 February 2008

Fun Monday #9

This week's Fun Monday is hosted by Sayre's Smiles and her assignment is this:

Every day as I go to work, I see things around me that make me laugh. Usually these are in the forms of signs. So take your camera with you as you go about your business and take a picture of the things that make you laugh along the way (but it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a sign).

Now, it's a sad fact about my life that I don't get out much. I go to work. I go to the supermarket. And that's about it. There is a good reason for this, sort of. My cottage comes with my job. My job is part of a team looking after and conserving a very large piece of common land - 1140 acres (460 hectares). Well, large considering it's only 7 miles from central London. My cottage is smack bang in the middle of the common. My journey to work is made by bicycle and involves me walking out of my door, getting on my bike and cycling 1/2 mile down a gravel track surrounded by trees. It's big on idyllic but not big on things that make you laugh. For the supermarket I get in the car and drive about two miles with that same Common always in sight. The thing about living where you work, at least, with this sort of job anyway, is that it becomes your way of life and it's so beautiful here that we see very little need to leave it very often. I'm well in my comfort zone here and I don't like leaving my comfort zone very much.

So I'm going to cheat.

Every year we go camping with Himself's family. He is one of eight so with partners and children in tow, that usually makes for a party of about 28 of us. It's a great weekend and there's no pressure to do anything if you don't want to. I usually spend the whole weekend reading but someone usually does a quiz, we have a bonfire and a BBQ and we go for a walk. And every year, on that walk, we see this sign:

And every year it makes me giggle! They must have some clever dogs in that part of the world..and why don't humans or cats have to shut the gate?

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