Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Apologies needed

Apologies to those very lovely bloiggers who have given me awards that I haven't acknowledged yet and apologies to everyone whose blog I normally read and comment on but have failed to get to this week.

Varying excuses:

I'm very tired - partially because I'm not sleeping well and partially because I will keep reading Patience's book before I go to sleep and you can't help but keep turning the pages!

My back hurts. I've had back problems since I first put my back out when I was 19. At 27 I had x-rays and the radiologist apparently told the specialist that I had the wear and tear that could only be expected for a 55 year old. When the specialist told him I was only 27 they diagnosed me as having "excess wear and tear" and sent me on my way. I started seeing an osteopath who would clunk me back in to shape every six weeks or so or would give me acupuncture to relieve the pressure. That was all well and good but going so often was getting expensive, and time-consuming as I worked in the city in those days and it was always a rush to get back in time.

Then I discovered the Bowen Technique. It's wonderful is all I can say and after a few intense sessions, it sorted everything out so that I no longer wake up every morning with my back stiff and aching. I now just go every 3 or 4 months to keep me "topped up". But sleeping on a very hard bed in the hotel last week has sent my back into spasm so I'm off to have it sorted again this afternoon.

That's all a very long-winded way of saying it's been too painful to sit at the computer for very long and I promise to catch up soon.

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