Sunday, 3 February 2008

Phew....'s been a busy few days!

Friday lunchtime I left home and headed up the motorway to Stoke on Trent to stay the night with Lisa, Greyhound Gap's founder. An uneventful journey until I got to Birmingham when someone turned the sun off. In the space of a minute I went from driving in brilliant sunshine, wearing my sunglasses, to black sky and a wall of hailstones. Five minutes later I was driving through a blizzard. Twenty minutes later it was back to sunshine again.

Saturday dawned to a couple of inches of snow, although it was already starting to thaw in the sunshine. So that will probably be the only snow I see this year. And did I have my camera? No.

We headed off to the kennels where the Gap dogs live until a suitable foster home becomes available. A gang of us walked the 17 dogs and checked out some of our new inmates: A young, blind whippet cross and his pal, a small staffie cross. Apparently the little blind dog holds on to his pal's tail when they go out! Then there were the two young lurchers who had been due to be put to sleep because they were, wait for it "sheep killers". We'll never know if they did kill a sheep or not but Gap takes the point of view that almost any dog is likely to be a sheep killer if they are allowed to get into that situation. These two were so tiny and so scared I'd have been less surprised if the sheep had attacked them.

That done, we headed off to Birmingham City Dog's Home to pick up a young Greyhound that had been reserved to come into our care. Whilst there we walked around the Home in case there were any other dogs there that we could take on. There were. We came home with the Greyhound, who is possibly a lurcher, and a young lurcher who was racked with kennel cough. Two more are reserved for us if they are not claimed before their time is up....another beautiful young lurcher bitch and an estimated 12 week old puppy. Difficult to tell the breeding as he was a little ball of fluff but we are convinced there is whippet or Bedlington in there somewhere. Not sure where but we'll find it!

Back to the kennels to drop off the two new arrivals, christened Minstrel and Frannie, and pick up Snowy, then back to Lisa's to walk her dogs. Then, in a complete change of direction, off to the Yankee Candle Shop to stock up on candles then the three hour drive home.

Snowy settled like a dream last night. I had been expecting a restless night but it was Himself who had me dragging my duvet off to the sofa because he was snoring like a trooper (Andre, he is normally a very brilliant and clever person to have around but the beer does get to him!). Snowy didn't wake me up once!

Dogs or men? Dogs or men? Mmmmm.........

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