Sunday, 24 February 2008

Never judge a book...... it's cover. Or a person by his mannerisms.

A man came in the office today asking if he could help by doing some litter-picking around the Common as he had some free time. He was a pleasant enough chap and struck me as a typical middle-aged single billy no-mates sort of guy who got a kick out of litter-picking. Well, each to his own.

But what started to freak me out a bit was the fact that he kept staring at me, unblinking, as I spoke to him.

When he came back to the office with his second bag of rubbish, he started chatting away quite happily, introduced himself and asked me my name. I hesitated for a split second, and then told him.


"No, Angela"

"Ahnla? Sorry, it's my hearing"

Then the rather large penny dropped. He wasn't staring at me, he was lip-reading. I stopped being freaked out then. Lesson learned.

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