Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Awards!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are all recognised in the way you deserve!

I have some awards which I promised to hand out today as well. This was came from Lisa at Lisa's Chaos - thank you again Lisa!

And I'm handing this one out to

Flowerpot and MsCellania

I also have some thanks to give for an award from Rotten Correspondent which arrived last week and I have been very remiss about saying thank you! So thank you RC!

As it's Valentine's Day, it seems appropriate to shower it around like confetti so this one goes to anyone and everyone that comments here today.....consider yourselves spreaders of love!


In other news, our electricity is back up and running and everything in the freezers survived. I'm not sure about it being a "romantic interlude" Fiona, it was too damn cold for that!


Having started out being so laid back, Snowy, my foster Greyhound, started to get very restless last week. He would get me up two or three times a night and from being clean as a whistle in the house, he started marking. We have either tiles or wood on the floors so it was no big deal cleaning up but it was still something we needed to get on top of. Someone also needed to explain to him that he is a Greyhound and that Greyhounds are supposed to sleep lots. Not our Snowy. He's fine when we leave him here during the day on his own (I come home at lunchtime and take him out for a walk) but if we're around, he spends the whole time running round like a spaniel on speed. The state of my garden is testament to that!

On Sunday, his new forever mum came to visit him. A lovely lady and they were both smitten with each other. Snowy is staying with us until she returns from her holiday on 5th March. After her visit, something seemed to click in his head and he finally seems to have relaxed. I've even caught him roaching a few times....when you foster sighthounds, let me tell you that first roach is a sight to gladden the heart!

*UPDATE - several of you have asked what "roaching" is when it comes to sighthounds. Roaching is when they are so relaxed that they roll onto their backs and fal asleep with their belly exposed and legs in the air! Lurcher No.2 is happy to demontrate for you.....

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