Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Hissy fits and stuff

I threw one this morning. Big time.

You may remember from the anniversary Fun Monday a couple of weeks ago that the area outside my front door is a mess. We have a small compost bin out there that we also use for the wood ash from the fire and for the last two mornings I've woken up to find it's been raided by either a fox or the crows and there has been ash and vegetable peelings spilled all over the place. It all got too much for me this morning and I started stomping around, slamming doors and yelling that the place looked like a damn pikey yard with stuff everywhere.

So this coming weekend we are going to get stuck in and tidy it up. I know we can't lay the permanent paving or decking that we will eventually put down but we can at least make the place look like it's loved and cared for.

The lawn in the back garden is just going to have to wait unfortunately. Between Himself applying moss killer and in so doing losing half of the green stuff there and Snowy doing his "kicking-up-the-turf-to-spread-my-scent" routine, there's not a lot of it left. We are supposed to be having a garden party at Easter. Dress code might be wellington boots.


I forgot to mention yesterday that another book I have purchased is Patience's own book, Mama Pajama Tells a Story, a bookPatience has written about life with her Whippets. I am so looking forward to reading this as I adore Whippets and I know my Mum will be right in the queue behind me to read it too!



I was the quite pathetically grateful recipient of not just one but two awards yesterday! I am an award virgin so it was quite a thril to be invited into the blogging award club. These are they:

This was awarded to me by Ann over at For The Long Run - thank you so much Ann for giving me my first ever blog award. I shall wear it with pride! I now have to pass this on to ten people....and these are they:

Robin's Nest
Lost in the Bible Belt
Patience Please
Summit Musings
A Spot of T
Biting the Cherry of Existential Delight
Graham, Prince and Tilly
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Jo Beaufoix
Sauntering Soul

My second award was from Alison at RDHMom, thank you so much Alison!

I'm passing this one on to:

Dahhling I love you
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Tales of a Southern Doll

To be honest, I could have awarded either of these to any one of the blogs that I try to read daily but several of them already have the award and I wanted to spread the happiness around a little!

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