Saturday, 9 February 2008

Saturday ponder

Lurcher No.2 eats his food very, very quickly and so to stop him taking in big gulps of air with his food, and making himself sick with colic, I put a tennis ball in with his dinner to slow him down. And this is what puzzles me........he eats very gingerly around the ball until his dinner is all gone and the bowl licked clean. Then he takes the ball out and licks that clean too.

So why hasn't he figured out that he could take the ball out straight away, still get his food down his neck as fast as he'd really like to, and then lick the ball clean?

But it's not only him. I've done exactly the same with all my fosters and they do exactly the same thing.

Just one of those things that I ponder on in the dark hours of the morning when I am once again sleeping on the sofa because Himself's snoring has become unbearable. And Snowy has woken me up for the second time. And I'm on duty and the duty phone has rung at 4am, and it's a wrong number.

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