Saturday, 20 December 2008

A waste of a day

Today has not been a good day.

I woke up with back, neck and shoulder pain and it rapidly spread to my head. I attempted to get into town to finish my Christmas shopping this morning but after 20 minutes I couldn't cope. The pain was making me feel nauseous.

So I gave up, headed home, lit the log fire and have spent most of the day on the sofa, wrapped in a duvet watching tv.

Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow.


  1. I hope you feel better, too. I can completely relate to the neck, shoulder and back pain... it must be a requirement for this time of year. But it does sound like you are taking very good care of yourself (I would add hot cocoa.)

  2. Sorry to hear your poorly hon, hope it passes swiftly.

    i have a gift shop full of lovely things so give me a shout if you need anything and I can stick it in the post tomorrow.

    Ali xx

  3. I do hope the pain eases and you feel brighter tomorrow.

  4. Poor thing! Hope you ease soon - is it a migrainey thing or a bug?

    I can send you Bowen if you like!

    It was a crap day for me as well - look on the forum for details and pics, suffice to say, Jasper decided I needed some of my own personal Christmas decorations, practised his piaffe on my leg, cue x-rays, tetanus jabs and fears of compartment syndrome! But at least I can't feel it!!! ;(

    Niki xxx

  5. i had four days of that a couple of weeks ago.

    there are exercises you can do to stretch you neck and shoulders to alleviate the pain. try pushing your shoulders DOWN as firmly as you can while trying to slowly touch your elbows behind your back. good stretch. it will help. you should do it several times a day even when you don't have the headache, to keep limber.

    excerderin helps, too.

    i'm so sorry. i've been there.

  6. I hope you feel lots better soon.


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