Monday, 29 December 2008

I have two days.

Two days before the parents arrive to stay.

So why, when my house was clean and tidy two days ago, is it now a complete and utter tip? Two days ago everything was where it should be and now? Now there is just stuff everywhere.

I really wish I had been born with the tidy gene.


  1. Do what I do push it all out of sight! I'm the other end and clearing up now my visitors have left!

  2. Good luck! I feel the same; overwhelmed with STUFF!

  3. If you were like my mother, I'd say that you needed to organize just one more thing... and that organization required removing and putting back - which means that everything is all out again.

    When will we learn to leave well enough alone?

  4. I was born with the tidy gene. Unfortunately no one else in my house was. Hence why I want pull every hair out of my head on several occasions. Or have a complete come apart. It's all good.

  5. Maybe it's because of all your shopping and wrapping? Did you finish shopping yet?


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