Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I hurt.

I hurt everywhere. Including places I didn't know could hurt.

Including my pride.

I finally had to admit defeat on the log-splitting. I had to give in and ask for help.

I was so full of intentions of getting myself a chainsaw and an axe and doing all the log chopping myself. But I finally had to admit that a) my back is not strong enough to wield an axe, b) handsaws and me just do not understand each other, c) what the heck is the point of me buying myself a chainsaw and parting with the best part of £150 for the pleasure when I work with a team of men who play with chainsaws all their working day and d) we have a nifty tractor-mounted log-splitting machine complete with a man to operate it at work?


So this morning the nifty tractor-mounted log splitter and the man to operate it made their way to my back yard and split all my logs for me. But I did my bit by lugging all the logs to him and taking away all the split wood. Which is why I hurt. 3 hours of physical labour was a bit of a shock to my body!

But I now have more wood for the fire than I can....than I can....well, shake a stick at. My pride and my body will heal and at least I did my bit.

And I did at least try. Sometimes there is strength in realising your own limitations.


  1. If it's available to you - USE IT! That includes manpower and machinery that makes your life a little easier. Save yourself for your house. Let the guys deal with the logs!

  2. "...shake a stick at." pahahaha! Nice. You deserve a warm bubble bath for that one and maybe even a pedicure.

  3. Oh, poor baby. How about a long soak in the tub. I agree, at least you gave it a try, and were smart enough to get help.

  4. No matter how much women want to be equal with men they simply cannot match their physical strength. It must have been wonderful to have fit able men help you. I would have loved it but then I have never needed to feel equal.

  5. There was a tv series where a couple families tried to "pioneer" it ... and the one thing the couldn't do was chop enough wood to make it through the winter. The "judges" decided that they all would have frozen, without firewood. And, it seemed like all they did was chop wood ... all day all day all day ...

  6. Yup. Time for a long, steaming hot bath, with a glass of a deep, rich, old chianti. Or if you don't do alcohol, an BIG mug of real hot chocolate made with milk and cream, with marshmellows or whipped cream on top.
    And a pat on the back for being smart!

  7. My back and arms hurt just hearing about it.

  8. You tried...thats all that matters..well and maybe that you need a good massage!!


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