Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Spam Spam Spam Spam

As the Tresurer of Greyhound Gap, my "official" e-mail address for that role is necessarily plastered across the internet, which results in me getting a heck of a lot of spam e-mail.

The regular stuff I've managed to filter out; the viagra, pills, erections....etc etc. But the spammers are getting cleverer. They now choose subject lines which, whilst easy to filter out, could actually be legitimate e-mails. The two current favourites seem to be "delivery failure", which does need to be checked...just in case. And the other is "Your order". When you buy a lot of stuff over the internet you do get a lot of legitimate e-mails with the subject "Your order" so they all have to be checked.

It's damned annoying and spammers should, IMHO, be put against the wall and shot.


  1. Can you get gmail over there? They are AWESOME at filtering out spam! AWESOME!!!

  2. I agree, I have both hotmail and gmai, and both have heavy spam filters.

  3. I am sorry but I have to laugh ! So far nobody has offered me viagra or erections hahaha ! Maybe because my email sound so innocent. Gattina means Kitty in Italian.

  4. Yes -- I get those periodically, too.
    I always wonder if something attached will do something to my hard drive (:

  5. I totally agree with you- I have suddenly started getting masses of spam emails, mostly filtered by my google account. Some are really funny because they assume I'm a bloke (Chris)and females are trying to make contact!


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