Friday, 19 December 2008

Two down......

Tonight was the second of the work's Christmas parties.

I was in two minds whether to go. Someone had apparently invited ex-Himself and I was really not in the right frame of mind for that confrontation. And I dare say he wouldn't be either. But one of my colleagues rang to say he hadn't turned up and why didn't I come over? So I half-heartedly threw on some tidy clothes and headed out, despite not really feeling terribly sociable.

But, as is ever the way, the evenings you don't really feel like attending turn out to be the most fun!

It was a very simple evening. A curry and snooker. I haven't played snooker in 20 years but I discovered it was like riding a bike and I won both the games I played!

I is a happy bunny this evening.


  1. Good for you for going. I always find getting my butt out of the house to be the very hardest part.

    I'm glad you're happy, little bunny.

  2. Hello Angela,
    I have missed you. I still Plurk occasionally, but until yesterday, I have not posted on my blog for a very long time. I am glad that you went to the party; it sounds like fun. Take care.

  3. Good for you hon. And next time I'd make harder mince pies and throw them at that lot. ;D

    Have a fab Christmas hon.

  4. I too find that if you look forward to something it's usually a disappointment, and if you're reluctant then you have a brilliant time. Odd, isn't it? Glad you had fun - I haven't played snooker (or darts, come to that) for about 25 years. I was rubbish at both then and doubt if I'll have improved in the interim!

  5. I love when things like that turn out much better then we think. Happy bunnies are a good thing!


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