Friday, 12 December 2008

Beep Beep Beep

Beep Beep Beep...that's the noise my dishwasher is making. I turn it on, it goes whoosh whoosh whoosh and then stops and goes beep beep beep.

That is not good news.

It is particularly not good news when the beep beep beep is accompanied by an ever increasing puddle at your feet. I removed the kick boards to find not just a puddle, but a veritable flood of water. Bugger.

I could not see why it was leaking and I have no idea where to start to fix it. So I buckled, and asked for help.

Help duly arrived in the form of our Maintenance Manager who is a bit of a whizz with such things. He took all the pipework apart (which meant clearing everything out from the cupboard under the kitchen sink - and we all know what those cupboards are like) but nothing was blocked. So he poured some water into the dishwasher and whoosh! (as opposed to whoosh whoosh whoosh) it all piddled out of the machine and I had another flood.

He shook his head and informed me that to fix it was beyond his whizziness and that, basically, it's terminal.

I swore. A lot.

Update: Just to add insult to injury, where Mr Whizziness was fiddling with the pipework under the's now leaking. So every time I let any water down the drain it pisses into the cupboard. I don't possess a washing up bowl so will be washing up in a bucket. Which is just what I need when I have friends coming to stay.


  1. I feel really, really, sorry for you!!!

  2. I used to say, "this is my dishwasher" and hold out my two hands. Sympathies ...

  3. Ooh, sorry. I had a similar experience early in the year.

  4. My washing machine did that to me & when I got the Lads up to help, 1 found out that my sink had been slowly piddling into my cupboard as well. Lads fixed sink, thought they'd fixed machine (they hadn't). Eventually got man out ~ explained problem to company over the 'phone & suggested that the seal needed replacing. Man came, sure enough, seal needed replacing & guess what NO seal ~ office hadn't passed on my message. Man returned some many days later, thought he'd repaired flood, went away ~ machine flooded kitchen. Rang man ~ seal not fitted correctly, man returned that evening & refitted seal, checked machine & went home for dinner. Machine works, but base plate is off & machine not fully returned to it's snug place: man couldn't manage that! Washing Machine is still under guarantee for EVERYTHING! :) I was without it for months with all this because I'd lost the waranty & all the needed info.

    Hope yours is sorted soon. Should I send you the Traveller Lads to see if they can fix yours?

  5. Oh yuck! Sounds like quite the mess with all that water. Hope things get fixed soon and there will be no more beeping.


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