Monday, 8 December 2008

Fun Monday - Christmas Carols

Mamalang is our Fun Monday host this week and she wants to know our three favourite Christmas carols.

It's been a long day and I've had a Board meeting and a drinks party this evening so, in true Fun Monday tradition, I'm cheating! There are only two and they're not really carols.

I'm not usually swayed by advertising but there are two adverts on British TV at the moment that have some great music in their adverts.

The first is the Marks and Spencers ad which has Macy Gray singing a version of Winter Wonderland. It's a song that's been covered many times but this is most definitely my favourite version!

The second is an ad for the Co-op. Once the store of those on very low budgets, the co-op has successfully re-branded itself as the one supermarket with morals and ethics. Their Christmas ad has Gabriella Cimli singing a version of Warm This Winter and I've been singing it all day!



  1. when I was a kid I thought Parson Brown was a color. I wondered why they would pretend a snowman was brown! I didn't know that a parson was a preacher. ha.

  2. Those are great catchy songs. Good choices. Thanks for playing!


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