Sunday, 28 December 2008

So. Did we land on the moon?

There was an interesting programme on television last night about the Apollo moon landings and whether or not man did actually set foot on the moon, or if NASA pulled one of the biggest hoaxes in the history of....ermm well, hoaxes.

I've heard about this before of course, but I've never been big on conspiracy theories. I'm a take things at face value kind of gal and, I mean, come on, with the number of people involved, how the heck could they have kept it quiet all this time?

But, as a mere mortal whose knowledge of science is minimal, I have to say that this programme put forward a convincing argument for the hoax theory. I was on the way to being convinced.

That was until I did a little more research and found equally convincing arguments from NASA that debunked the conspiracy theories.

So now I'm just plain confused.

But why, when something significant happens, are there always people who will try to find a dark and sinister side to it? Human nature I guess.


  1. Angela, We really did go to the moon. My husband, Bob, before he was LAPD, worked for North American Aviation, and built the space module that went to the moon.

  2. We should have blown up the moon while we were up there just to prove we were there. I don't know why they didn't do that.

    Astronauts = not that smart.

  3. ha, leave it to Jenny for the blow up business.

    People just can't keep quiet about stuff. That's why most conspiracy theories are bunk and debunked.

  4. My ears shut off as soon as I hear the phrase "grassy knoll."

  5. Everything you need to set your mind straight is here:

  6. "...But, as a mere mortal whose knowledge of science is minimal,..."

    That's why you found the pro-hoax and contra-hoax arguments equally convincing. If your knowledge of science and the scientific method were up to scratch, you'd have the tools to recognize on your own where the people who promote the hoax theory are getting things wrong. You might even find that you independently come up with the same correct answers given by the debunkers.

  7. "We should have blown up the moon while we were up there just to prove we were there."

    LOL Now that was funny! I've seen some shows too trying to dispell the landing. They truly go to great lengths in their attempts, don't they?

  8. Like you point out any genuine event should not have caused any confusions at all.
    Mythbusters just proved how it was done here on earth.
    They could have entered the vacuum chamber with astronaout clothing and erected the flag in there ( actually nasa have very huge vacuum chambers ).
    Anyway I came across a chopped astronaut leg on the moon photos if you click on the link you can see the post.


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