Thursday, 26 June 2008

This is not good

Having fully recovered from whatever upset her tummy last week, Lurcher No.1 started throwing up bile again on Tuesday evening. So, another visit to the vets on Wednesday morning and this time bloods were taken to test for Pancreatitis, something the vet did mention last week but, as Lurcher No.1 seemed to make a full recovery, that thought was put to one side unless we got a recurrence. Which we now have.

We returned for the results this morning and they showed a moderate increase in amylase and lipase - which is indicitive of pancreatitis, but not conclusive. More bloods were taken, which is all a bit stressful because Lurcher No.1 is just like me....she hates needles! This second test will hopefully prove more conclusive one way or another. If it is pancreatitis, then we need to look at a change in diet for her. At the moment both the Lurchers are fed on a raw food diet which has, up to now, suited both of them. But it can be high in fat. I am loathe to move them onto a commercial pet food but, having done some research, there are many natural alternatives around these days.

Any spare good thoughts for Georgie would be much appreciated. Having a poorly pet is so much more worrying because they just can't tell you what's wrong. Although the filthy looks I'm getting tonight because she has to be starved for 24 hours do communicate her feelings towards me quite clearly!


  1. I'll be thinking of all of you and hoping for the best.

  2. It is the eyes that say it all! Where is my meal they ask. Hope Georgie is soon sorted out and not too expensively by the vet!

  3. Sending all healing thoughts to Georgie, and thoughts of comfort to you...

  4. Aww, poor dog #1 :]
    It must be frustrating for you - if only they could talk indeed!

  5. Get well soon Georgie! I know what a nightmare it is to find an alternative. I was feeding Max a raw food diet when he developed pancreatitis.

  6. The poor thing. I hope the tests go well.

  7. Hi Angela,
    Our Zack had pacreatitis, he was diagnosed about 2 years before he died, he died of cancer - not pancreatitis!! We put him on a special diet, a commercial dog food, and he was fine. All his symptoms disappeared and he was perfectly happy. He did have a few flare ups now and then and when those happened we would feed him boiled chicken and brown rice until he felt better. There are plenty of recipes on the internet for low fat recipes for dogs.
    good luck,


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