Wednesday, 18 June 2008

This and that

Lurcher No.1 is much better and almost back to her usual self. Thank you so much for all the good thoughts for her. And for me. I'm almost better too, apart from the snotty nose....but you didn't really want to know that did you!?

It looks like we might finally have a potential home for Brodie the Foster and I'm off to take him to meet a family on Sunday. Unfortunately it means I have to drive across London....something I usually avoid like the plague. Driving and trying to read a map at the same time is not conducive to safe driving. But I'm hoping I can borrow a sat nav to get me there in one piece. So fingers crossed for Brodie, he so deserves his forever home.


  1. So glad that number 1 is better and what great news about Brodie! I will find the patron saint of travels and say a prayer for you!

  2. I'm glad lil Lurcher is doing better and hope you improve tons too. :)

    Yay for Brodie! Be careful crossing London.

  3. Sat Nav will probably guide you down every back street and blind alley! Good luck to Brodie.

  4. Aside your nose, I'm glad to read everyone is doing better!

    And best wishes for your travels this weekend! :)

  5. Godspeed on your journey to find Brodie's new home ~ I hope it works out for him.
    I have 10 lurcher pups & their mum to find homes for: I agreed to take Mindy in on a temporary basis whilst her family moved home ~ they left Ireland & seem to have no intention of returning to collect the dog. She gave me 11 beautiful pups, including 1 that looks rather like 1 of those I had stolen, but the pups' fathers are her brothers & I don't want any more matings that way. We'll keep the pup that looks like Polnochnyy Pyoc' (Midnight Dog ~ there's a tale behind the name), but he'll be neutered & I'll keep the Lurcher boys for stud & my Bears for producing: either pure-breds, if I can afford the stud fee & can find a way to get each to the stud, or rough coat Lurchers with the boys ~ assuming my Beddy doesn't bite their noses off again next time she comes into season! The Wolfie is a little too young at present, but she adores mothering the pups.


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