Friday, 20 June 2008

Camera bore!

I've bought a new macro lens.

Well, new to me anyway. Yes, I know the observant amongst you will remember I impulse purchased a Sigma 50mm F2.8 macro lens a few weeks ago but I've never been entirely happy with it. To get a decent shot you had to be within an inch of your subject. Fine when it's a flower, not so fine when it's a bee. A friend of mine decided to sell his Sigma 105mm F2.8 and I resisted for a week but caved in when he accepted my silly offer. The beauty of this lens is that you don't have to be quite so close. It's arrived today and I would have shown you some sample shots. But it's raining.

The thing is, he might also be swapping all his Nikon gear to Canon and he might just have a 10-20mm wide-angle lens for sale shortly. I already have my name on it as that will nicely finish of my lens collection. But I am going to walk firmly away from the chance to upgrade my Nikon D70 to the Nikon D200 he will also be selling. Probably.


  1. Green green green green green. Whaaaaaaaaa.

    Sorry I haven't been around. I've been busy with this crazy thing called "summer". Apparently it's when the sun comes out and everybody gets to play outside. Who knew?!

  2. So what if it's raining...can't you show us some rain drops?

  3. Swampy makes a good point. With not just one, but TWO macro lenses, we should be seeing some awesome shots of flowers covered in lovely drops of rain. Let's see already!

  4. Go on get it, you know you will. *steers clear of cameras as road to hell is littered with upgrades

  5. Raindrops on flowers is a superb test for your new lens. Can't wait to see the result. Out you go at 6 in the morning!


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