Saturday, 28 June 2008

Strike me down

Did I forget to blog on Saturday. I might have, yes. But thank's to Blogger's Post Options I can cheat and make it look like I didn't forget. Not that I have much to say, but it was a relief to know that Blogger 365 doesn't send lightning bolts down from the sky if you miss a day.

Lurcher No.1 is all better again, thank you for your good wishes for her. She's still on a restricted diet of chicken and rice and all we can do is sit tight until the blood results come back.

I sold a few of my collar charms at the show today, which was terribly exciting. You'd think at my age I'd have better things to get all excited about. I really must get a life one of these days.


  1. I'd be thrilled at selling anything I'd made/designed. I think you did well there. Annon would really like to buy one with a sun on it ~ she & I were serious in my comment, even if it was hijacked by Tara. I'm not sure of the postage to Ireland, but we'll pay what you ask for the charm, post & packing

    I'm still completely at a loss as to how a series of pictures drawn in 1999 led to my being commissioned to redo them for a real live proper artist; for the originals to be used to illustrate a lecture in Brazil; for the commissioned set to be used in TWO Ph.D theses; for said artist to discuss my work with other proper artists & for me to have a following in Wimbledon, Brazil, Spain & America! I'm still in shock. I think appreciation for what we create fills us with pleasure & excitement whatever our ages. I think your selling those charms IS exciting ~ maybe I need a life too...

  2. Killi, the charms are £3 each and I'm not sure of postage either but e-mail me your address and I'll find out and let you know.

  3. Where can I find your email?
    Mine is

  4. Hee hee, so funny. And the collar charms are gorgeous, I've never seen one before. Can we have some pics of cute hounds modelling them??

  5. Glad the tummy is better.. sending positive thoughts for great blood results.
    Apparently Bloglines was totally blown away by your missing a day; today they listed 200 new posts for you, all the way back to June '07 and a pair of black playboy undies!!!

  6. Glad to hear the good news. I think those collar charms are adorable. You should be excited about them!

  7. Oh no, Patience...not the Playboy knickers! Please tell me that's not true!!?


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