Thursday, 19 June 2008

OK, this is very funny.....


see more dog pictures

But what kind of person would think to grab a camera to take a photograph of their puppy pissing on their laptop rather than grabbing the puppy and saving their laptop from probable extinction?

Some people are weird.

Unless, of course, it wasn't their laptop. Or it's been photoshopped. But if it has, it's a damn good job and I wouldn't mind having that level of PS skills!


  1. Whichever it is, the picture made me laugh. Thanks for sharing that cute pup with us!

  2. LOL yes Ive seen this one before!

  3. That's a head scratcher. I'd definitely save the laptop before letting a dog piss all over it. Duh.

  4. *Waiting for 240 volts to connect with it's whanger

  5. I think it's a fake keyboard


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