Friday, 13 June 2008


I've just logged into my Facebook account for the first time in ages and ages. THere is a new application you can use:

Dope Wars - Be A Virtual Dealer
The object is simple: make as much money as you can by dealing dope on the streets of Dope City. To do this, you'll look for good dope deals, buy guns to protect yourself, fight and pimp your friends, and avoid the cops.

Am I the only person that thinks this is just plain wrong?


  1. I definitely wouldn't want my kid to play that - virtually OR in real life.

  2. My 39 year old son urged me to join Facebook to find my old school friends. I found none of them! Looking at my son's and his friends efforts on Facebook - I thought they were all very silly and childish - horrible photos of drunken parties - not my scene. Perhaps I am a killjoy? With great difficulty managed to erase all trace of me. You have got me on my hobbyhorse. I think this social networking needs strict monitoring for kids and teenagers - why can't people just meet face to face a litt more often. Sorry for ranting !

  3. Man, I tell you, this Facebook and MySpace are in cahoots with each other! My kids and sister signed me up to both, now me, I did not go back at all, then yesterday I am innocently blogging as normal people do and I get sucked into some sight that ends up at guessed it Facebook. Somehow Im logged into the damn thing and there is all these messages from people I do not even know and then some I do! Really I don't care! I much much prefer blogging, it is far more civilized!

  4. Haha! I used to play dope wars when it was a PC Game before the whole internet thing.

    *ahem* Oh... and yes, it's very very wrong.


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