Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I was meandering my way round the internet this morning when I happened upon a very interesting forum all about growing your own produce and the road to self-sufficiency.

One thread was problem of "wiggly things" [sic] in a water butt. "Wiggly things" turn out to be insect larvae and there are various means of dealing with them, such as putting gold fish in the water butt. One commentor made the unfortunate comment "I put a pond snail in my butt". Cue much hysterical laughter (It's been one of those days OK? I needed a laugh).

OK, no. What he actually wrote was "I put a pond snail in my water butt" but you know when you speed read and miss words out? Oh well, I laughed and it's good to laugh.


  1. funny...but on a serious note I have recently got a water butt and have been wondering about the 'wiggly things' so should I be dealing with them??

  2. What in heaven is a water butt???? I don't believe we have that term in America!!! If we do, I am ignorant and innocent of it!

  3. Chris, apparently goldfish can eat them or you can put in a splash of vegetable oil or washing up liquid which creates a seal on top of the water and suffocates the lavae I guess. What you have towatch out for with that though s that in periods of proplonged dryness (like that's likely!), the water can go stagnant.

    Patience, it's a large container that you feed rain water into from the gutters and it stores the water for you to use to water your garden etc when it's not raining!

  4. Thanks for looking at my blog! We are having a problem with our (water) butt. We wish to move it to another part of the garden - due to the weather it keeps filling up and there is no need to water the garden at all!

  5. I'm so glad patience asked what a water butt was. I was sitting here in the U.S. with my mouth hanging open and scratching my head. I certainly wasn't thinking along the lines of a rain water catcher.

  6. for some reason, this brought giggled memories of a song my brother sang when we were kids. He didn't let our mom hear him, tho.
    The words:

    "I've got a girl in Kansas City,
    She's got freckles on her, but she's pretty"


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