Saturday, 15 March 2008


This will mean not very much to a lot of you but today Wales won the Rugby 6 Nations Grand Slam! Not only that but this competition also gives us the Triple Crown and the Championship. And I am a very proud and happy bunny tonight!

Brodie, my latest foster has also arrived today. He is an absolute sweetheart who just wants to please. He's clean as a whistle in the house and, although is completely food obsessed and will counter-surf given half a chance, he has been as good as gold! He desperately needs some weight on his bones, he's been in our kennels for nearly three months and although he held his weight fine, the last few weeks it's all been getting a bit too much for him so he really needed to get out and into a foster home....and here he is!


  1. Although I didn't watch it Wales did brilliantly which is great~ there will be a lot of partying tonight!

    Brodie has the sweetest face, he'll enjoy his time with you I'm sure and I hope he eventually finds a good home.

  2. OMG Brodie could be my Tommy's little brother ;0)
    I love the way their paws are white, it is like they are walking on clouds..

    Gin ax

  3. Congratulations on Wales winning the Rugby 6 Nations Grand Slam! Sport Championships are always thrilling.

    Brodie is so beautiful, I mean handsome, he's a male, after all. I'm sure he'll get some meat on his bones soon.

  4. Congratulations - there will be much celebrating I'm sure. (Not so much in Ireland - the team has been a big disappointment since the World Cup.)

    Brodie looks like a sweetie.

  5. Brodie looks absolutely lovely - I'll bet he's not looking for a home for much longer....

  6. Oh my!!! Brodie has the look of the best magic in his eyes, like my Sam I Am. What a lovely, elegant dog. Oh my heart!

    all the best-

  7. Ha! I just saw your list of books read in 2007!

    thank you!

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your book had me turning the pages night after night!

  9. Top dog - good luck for the furture for him :]

  10. What a beautiful animal! Please make him smile :-)


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