Friday, 21 March 2008

Round-up of the week

When I started blogging, one of the aims was to use it as a diary. I was always hopeless keeping a diary as a child and, consequently, many memories escape me. So I thought writing everything down in a blog would be a "good idea". Well, it would be if I remembered to blog the minor details of my days. So, this is what has happened this week. It's not hugely interesting so feel free to move right along as I'm sure you have much better things to be doing than coming along for a trawl through my week.

Monday - day off work. Lurcher No.1 has had a few lumps develop over the last few months and whilst the vets were fairly sure that they were just harmless fatty lumps, they weren't quite prepared to commit to that on the basis of "feel". And so they shouldn't. Instead they charge me lots of money to stick some needles into the lumps to send off for testing. Lurcher No.1 does not like needles. She knows what my vet is up to, even when their backs are turned and she starts screaming blue murder and crawling up the door trying to break out. Vet hatched a plan. They'd shave a little hair off over the lumps and spread on some anaesthetic cream. Bingo. Job done. And then my bank card was declined. I hadn't given a thought to how much this would cost and neither had I thought to check my bank balance. I should have realised that 3 days before payday might be a bit iffy.

Tuesday - I have to go to work and leave Lurcher No.2 and Brodie the Foster at home. They were fine for the two hours I was at the vets on Monday so I'm figuring they'll be OK for 3.5 hours in the morning and 3.5 hours in the afternoon when I go back after lunch. Except Brodie the Foster has the squits. He had me up 3 times during the night and it's coming out like water. All morning my heart is in my mouth not knowing what I would be coming home to. I needn't have worried. He was pretty fast out the door to the garden but he had been clean inside. What a star this boy is.

Thursday - Brodie learns to play. I decide to garden. Brodie decides to help. It's raining, the garden is muddy. Brodie is muddy. The Lurchers are muddy and wet. My house is muddy and wet. Why am I gardening in the rain? Good question and one I can't answer to anyones satisfaction.

Brodie is in danger of hurting himself. He is food obsessed and sticks his nose in everything. Regardless of whether it's a boiling saucepan off the stove or the oven. There's food and he's in! Himself put a board across the entrance to the kitchen (no door). Brodie yips and yips because he can't get in. Then he learns that if he grabs the top, it will fall down and his plan is back on track. Not any more! Last night I got a baby gate off Freecycle. It's too big for the kitchen so it goes in the hall and stops his plans right in their tracks again. Permanently this time.

Friday - Today is my Sunday. Yes, I know it's Friday but as I'm working at the weekend and have had yesterday and today off in lieu, today is technically my Sunday. Tomorrow will be Monday, Sunday will be Tuesday and Monday gets confusing because I'm on Wednesday and everyone else is still on Monday. Except I have a day off on Monday and Tuesday so come Wednesday, which will be my Monday again........I will have a brain fart.

Happy Easter!


  1. I'm laughing at Brodie's antics! and I think I just about understand your weekend working arrangements.
    So hope your Easter is a Happy one!

  2. Me, I am having 4 days off doing nothing.
    And for you Womble lovers;-) Mike Batt is on Ken Bruce all next week.

  3. Brodie sounds like such fun! Counter-surfing dogs are always a challenge, aren't they?

    Happy, happy Easter and I do understand your schedule. I work Sat (Mon), am off Sun(Sat), work Mon (Mon), am off Tues and Wed (sat and sun) and then work Thurs and Fri (Mon and Tues). Agh - 3 mondays in one week!

  4. Sounds like it's a good thing you had Monday off to handle the rest of your week. I'm tired just reading what all you went through!

  5. brodie sounds like my baron...sometimes it takes awhile to outsmart these dogs of ours!!!

  6. Love your blog for whatever reason you write it!

  7. Happy Easter - Yeah, I'm glad I started my blog too :]

  8. Brain Fart??? :o))) I just LOVE that expression. Says it all :o)))
    Brodie sounds like a top dog too.

  9. Brain Fart? Now that is original and after reading that last paragraph I think I had one LOL! I think we might just take the whole week off.....Rest sounds good.

  10. sometimes I'm so lonely for my dog.
    Today helped me not be lonely. ha ha.

    That is hard work!!!

  11. our phoebe is like brodie. she was obviously fed bread in her previous life and if you get out the bread she will have it out of your hand if you aren't careful. love reading your blog!


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