Wednesday, 12 March 2008

My Handsome Boy!

Every now and then you press the shutter button on the camera and you just know that by sheer fluke everything has come together and you have managed to capture something just right!

Our bird table sits just a few feet outside our sitting room window and I was standing in the room photographing the birds and squirrels as they came over to feed. Lurcher No.2 happened to look out of the window and saw a squirrel sitting on the fence. He was absolutely transfixed and I took my chance!

I am really pleased with the result. All natural light on an overcast but bright day and it has had minimum processing. I know the crop is a bit tight on the right hand side but the kitchen window was in the background and was completely blown out and it really distracted from the picture.

In other news, I am picking up my chickens on Sunday! They aren't now coming from the Battery Hen Welfare Trust - they had a waiting list stretching out to May and, whilst I was happy to wait, by sheer coincidence I mentioned it to a friend who just happened to be having dinner that night with someone involved in another battery hen rescue organisation and they were desperate for homes. One quick phone call later and it's all arranged!

Oh, and my new canine foster arrives on Saturday! It's going to be a bit of a busy weekend


  1. He's beautiful. Such a sweet face.

  2. Oh my, that photo is absolutely beautiful! I'd sure love to know what he's thinking though LOL

  3. That photo is just gorgeous. You're right - every once in a while, it just clicks.

  4. He's thinking about heaven (How did I get here?)

  5. He wants the squirrel, but knows he can't! Great picture.

  6. that is a gorgeous picture!!


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