Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I have cookies!

I often have cookies but today I have cookies all the way from America!

Last week, Alison over at RDHmom had a blogging giveaway. Alison was giving away Girl Scout Cookies. We don't have things like that over here in the UK. I mean, we have Girl Scouts, or Girl Guides rather, and we have biscuits of course. But cookies? Pale imitations is all we have.

Having mentioned that one of the Girl Scouts Cookies she had were Samoas, a concoction of sugar cookie, coconut, caramel, and chocolate, I started to drool. All my favourite sweet-tooth-satisfying ingredients in one. What is a girl supposed to do? What a girl does is beg a box in return for a book that she had sent to the Girl Scout Cookie lady!

And today my box of Girl Scout Samoa cookies arrived! With great ceremony, I made a mug of tea for a colleague and myself and we opened the box of cookies. Then we got stuck in. And we both sat there saying "oh yeah, oh yeah".

Good cookies!

Thank you Alison!

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