Sunday, 9 March 2008


I took myself off shopping yesterday morning. I hate shopping but this shopping was fun! So, what did I buy? This is what I bought

A sack of Layer's pellets
A bag of poultry grit
A feed trough
A poultry drinker

Himself has finished building my chicken run and the coop has been cleaned.

Now, what am I missing? Oh yes. The chickens.

I have contacted the Battery Hen Welfare Trust and have offered a home to three or four ex-battery hens. I've yet to hear back from them but March is a busy month for them so I'm just keeping fingers crossed that I hear back from them soon and they deem me suitable.

Now I'm off to do more shopping as it's time to plant up my tomato and bean seeds and I need seed trays and compost. Not being a very green-fingered person, self-sufficiency is a long way away but tomatoes and beans are a start.

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